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分享 the plant journal:感谢每篇发表文章背后的审稿人们
2017-9-23 08:44
Thank you The Plant Journal thanks all of you listed below, who helped to review manuscripts in 2016. The Editors and Editorial Office Staff greatly appreciate the time and effort you spent in helping them and the authors maintain the excellence of the journal. 感谢 ...
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分享 Plant Physiology:CLE19在花粉外壁形成中的作用
2017-9-22 09:11
Cytological and Transcriptomic Analyses Reveal Important Roles of CLE19 in Pollen Exine Formation First author: Shuangshuang Wang ; Affiliations: Fudan University ( 复旦大学 ): Shanghai , China Corresponding author: Fang Chang ( 常芳 ) The CLAVATA3/ESR-R ...
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分享 Nature Methods:三代测序快速比对、纠错和从头组装新方法
2017-9-21 08:27
MECAT: fast mapping, error correction, and de novo assembly for single-molecule sequencing reads First author: Chuan-Le Xiao ; Affiliations: Sun Yat-sen University ( 中山大学 ): Guangzhou, China Corresponding author: Zhi Xie We present a tool that c ...
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分享 New Phytologist:木质化组织光合作用的糖减少木质部空穴化
2017-9-20 08:54
Sugars from woody tissue photosynthesis reduce xylem vulnerability to cavitation First author: Niels J. F. De Baerdemaeker ; Affiliations: Ghent University ( 根特大学 ): Ghent, Belgium Corresponding author: Niels J. F. De Baerdemaeker Reassimilation (重新同 ...
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分享 Tree Physiology:微管蛋白在杨树叶片细胞壁中的作用
2017-9-19 08:46
Tubulins, rhythms and cell walls in poplar leaves: it’s all in the timing First author: Scott A. Harding ; Affiliations: University of Georgia (佐治亚大学 ): Athens , USA Corresponding author: Chung-Jui Tsai Plant cell walls exhibit architectural and comp ...
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分享 Plant Biotechnol J:玉米籽粒直链淀粉生物合成的遗传基础
2017-9-18 08:51
The genetic architecture of amylose biosynthesis in maize kernel First author: Changsheng Li ; Affiliations: Shanghai Jiaotong University ( 上海交大 ): Shanghai, China Corresponding author: Wenqin Wang ( 王文琴 ) Starch (淀粉) is the most abundant storage ...
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分享 Plant Physiology:DELLA-GAF1参与拟南芥中赤霉素的反馈调节
2017-9-18 08:49
DELLA-GAF1 Complex is a Main Component in Gibberellin Feedback Regulation of GA20ox2 in Arabidopsis First author: Jutarou Fukazawa ; Affiliations: Hiroshima University ( 广岛大学 ): Hiroshima , Japan Corresponding author: Yohsuke Takahashi Gibberell ...
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分享 拟南芥合子中父母本因子在胚不对称性模型建成中的作用
2017-9-16 09:09
Transcriptional integration of paternal and maternal factors in the Arabidopsis zygote First author: Minako Ueda ; Affiliations: Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg ( 弗莱堡大学 ): Freiburg, Germany Corresponding author: Minako Ueda ; Thomas Laux In ...
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分享 综述:硅在植物生物和非生物胁迫中的作用
2017-9-15 08:51
Silicon's Role in Abiotic and Biotic Plant Stresses First author: Daniel Debona ; Affiliations: Viçosa Federal University ( 维索萨联邦大学 ): Viçosa , Brazil Corresponding author: Fabrício A. Rodrigues; Lawrence E. Datnoff ( 路易斯安娜州立大学 ...
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