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Science:植物激发子肽Pep产生、释放以及作用机制 2019-05-26
Damage on plants activates Ca 2+ -dependent metacaspases for release of immunomodulatory peptides First author:  Tim Hander ;   Af ...
Plant Cell:拟南芥植物激发子肽Pep作用于根的生长抑制 2019-05-25
Danger-Associated Peptides Interact with PIN-Dependent Local Auxin Distribution to Inhibit Root Growth in Arabidopsis First author:  Yan ...
New Phytologist:油菜素内酯作用于杨树的木材形成 2019-05-24
Brassinosteroid regulation of wood formation in poplar First author:  Juan Du ;   Affiliations:  Zhejiang University ( ...
the plant journal:植物种子萌发中内部激素信号和外部环境信号的协调控制 2019-05-23
B‐box protein BBX19 suppresses seed germination via induction of ABI5 First author:  Mengjuan Bai;  Affiliations:& ...
J EXP BOT:棉花AAI基因家族全基因组鉴定及功能分析 2019-05-22
Genome-wide identification of GhAAI genes reveals that GhAAI66 triggers a phase transition to induce early flowering First author:  Ghul ...
PNAS:玉米两个NAC转录因子作用于籽粒的淀粉和蛋白积累 2019-05-21
NAC-type transcription factors regulate accumulation of starch and protein in maize seeds First author:  Zhiyong Zhang;  Affiliati ...
New Phytologist:植物侧生器官发育的分子调控机制 2019-05-20
Control of leaf blade outgrowth and floral organ development by LEUNIG, ANGUSTIFOLIA3 and WOX transcriptional regulators First author:  ...
Molecular Biology and Evolution:植物线粒体蛋白新功能化 2019-05-19
Neofunctionalization of Mitochondrial Proteins and Incorporation into Signaling Networks in Plants First author:  Sbatie Lama ;   ...


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