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Plant Biotechnology Journal:栀子花CCD4a可用于异源生产抗癌活性物质藏红花素
2022-8-8 23:33
The Gardenia Carotenoid Cleavage Dioxygenase 4a is an efficient tool for biotechnological production of crocins in green and non-green plant tissues ...
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Horticulture Research:菠萝蜜基因组揭示其果实演化及其在中国的驯化历史
2022-8-7 23:43
Jackfruitgenome and population genomics provide insights into fruit evolution and domestication history in China ...
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The Plant Cell:生长素生物合成的转录激活驱动体细胞的发育重编程
2022-8-6 23:09
Transcriptional activation of auxin biosynthesis drives developmental reprogramming of differentiated cells ...
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Developmental Cell:荫蔽或温暖条件下,COP1通过促进BES1蛋白降解,限制子叶细胞扩张
2022-8-5 23:32
Organ-specific COP1 control of BES1 stability adjusts plant growth patterns under shade or warmth ...
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2022-8-4 23:39
Research progress about microRNAs involved in plant secondary metabolism ...
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2022-8-3 23:08
Structures and mechanisms of the Arabidopsis auxin transporter PIN3 ...
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2022-8-2 09:20
Root angle is controlled by EGT1 in cereal crops employing an antigravitropic mechanism ...
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2022-8-1 11:30
Seed DNA damage responses promote germination and growth in Arabidopsis thaliana ...
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the plant journal:药用植物白芨基因组
2022-7-31 19:58
Haplotype-resolved genome assembly of Bletilla striata (Thunb.) Reichb.f. to elucidate medicinal value ...
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Plant Physiology:高温通过PIF4和TCP4介导叶片大小的控制
2022-7-30 23:53
High temperature restricts cell division and leaf size by coordination of PIF4 and TCP4 transcription factors ...
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