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让我们一起“走近”老年痴呆症(新书简介/4):KetoFLEX 12/3

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The Handbook Section 1: Reversing Cognitive Decline

With Julie Gregory and Aida Lasheen Bredesen, MD



Chapter 4 Enhancing Cognition with KetoFLEX 12/3

第四章主要介一种食方法:KetoFLEX 12/3


网上介(因网上可以直接“借用”,我就不用“抄”了。来源: 12/3 means eating all food during a 12-hour window, and being sure to not eat any food within three hours going to bed. For example, if you go to bed at 10 PM, be sure to stop eating by 7PM.   No bedtime snacks!  Then back-calculate the 12 hour eating window to start at 7 AM.  Many people already do this spontaneously, so for most folks it is easy to implement.   This is to give the metabolism a chance to bring blood sugars down to their lowest levels possible.



评论:我做得比个12/3分,我用 16/5已两年了。也就是,晚上5点以后不吃西。(好像有效果,至少家庭医生看我的血糖、胆固醇都有步,我怎么做到的。)当然,需要好好划,比如晚餐多一点耐饥饿的食品。但是,人是活的,所以,我会灵活一点。比方,我会参加朋友聚会,哪怕是晚上7点开始吃。只是,我会少吃一点、少喝一点酒。社交不是天天生的美事,所以,不能放弃。另外,有晚餐没有吃,到8~9点感觉饿了。了好好睡,我会吃一点水果或果仁。凡事有重,睡好,比吃(不吃)更重要!


The Bredesen Protocol™ diet overall is stressed to be nutrient dense, and largely plant-based. While meat is certainly allowed, it is approached as if it were a condiment rather than the main course, with the general rule of thumb to obtain 1 gram of protein for each kilogram (2.2 pounds) of your weight.

GT+:食方法体上强调养成分高的食物”,并且主要是植物性的。然可以食用肉,但通常将其当作味品而不是主菜。一般的经验是 体重一公斤(2.2磅)可得1克蛋白


Achieving nutritional ketosis is more challenging for those who have never tried a low-carbohydrate diet. Combined with moderate exercise, the body can switch its metabolism to fat-burning, rather than to remain in an insulin-dependent/carbohydrate-storing state that promotes inflammation, insulin resistance, and Alzheimer’s disease.  In its simplest form, it is a very low carbohydrate diet, with moderate protein, and  healthy fats .



Healthy fats can be chosen based on genetic information, for example, people who are ApoE4 positive should avoid saturated fats and transition to the more “Mediterranean” or monounsaturated fats instead (such as olive  & avocado oils). It matters less if you do not have the ApoE4, and coconut oil is a plentiful option.  Special use of MCT oil is addressed in the book, for combatting cravings or energy slumps that might be felt.


椰子油的飽和脂肪酸含量超過豬油兩倍[29],長期食用上世紀七零年代曾一度引起醫生關注, 會增加心臟病和腦血管疾病的風險[30][31][32][33]。惟食用油九成使用椰子油的菲律賓,其國人心血管疾病死亡率(120人/每十萬人)是日本人的四分之一(548人/每十萬人)更遠低於常吃不飽和植物油的美國(814人/每十萬人),以及心肌梗塞罹患率全世界最低,相對有計畫減少飽和脂肪的美國,肥胖和心血管疾病,糖尿病等諸多問題不減反增。對於爭議2018年BBC科學節目《相信我,我是醫生》針對椰子油做了實驗。[34]




The carbohydrate sources are advised to come from only low-glycemic index foods (aim for under 35), mostly non-starchy vegetables, and to include raw and cooked vegetables, in as many colors as possible,  ie, “eat the rainbow” so that polyphenols and antioxidants are supplied. Of course, High quality protein sources such as wild caught salmon, grass fed/grass finished beef, and pastured chicken and their eggs are recommended because they have a better Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio, thus reducing their inflammatory effect on the body.  Caution is advised regarding fish, as the longer-lived species such as tuna and swordfish are highest in mercury levels. The “SMASH”  fish are preferred (Salmon, Mackerel, Anchovies, Sardines, and Herring).

GT+:建议碳水化合物来源仅来自低血糖指数食品(最好指数低于35),主要是非淀粉类蔬菜,并包括尽可能多颜色的生、熟蔬菜,即“吃彩虹”。当然,建议使用高质量的蛋白质来源,例如野生鲑鱼、喂草的牛肉,牧草鸡肉及其鸡蛋,因为它们的Omega 3:Omega 6比更高,从而降低了脂肪含量对身体有炎症作用。建议注意吃什么鱼,因为金枪鱼和旗鱼等寿命较长的物种的汞含量最高。首选“ SMASH”鱼(鲑鱼、鲭鱼、凤尾鱼、沙丁鱼和鲱鱼)。



To decrease inflammation, avoid  gluten and dairy as much as possible.  As well, boycott pre-processed foods; whole foods should be consumed.  This same concept applies to fruit juice, which is processed, when compared with whole fruit. The best whole fruits are wild, colorful berries, Citrus fruits, avocados, and tomatoes. Be careful if using fruits in smoothies, because their glycemic index can be very high, especially when blended, releasing a large sugar load and that is rapidly available for absorption into your bloodstream, sending blood glucoses wayward.  Another cause for concern is combining simple carbohydrates (high Glycemic index food)  with saturated fats…  be sure to have fiber first to slow the sugar absorption to decrease the resulting inflammation from insulin spikes.

GT+:为了减少炎症,请尽可能避免面筋和乳制品。同样,抵制厂家的食品产品。应该食用“完整的食物”(whole foods)。相同的概念也适用于已加工的果汁,即应该食用“完整的水果”(当然,苹果的籽不能吃)。最好的“完整的水果”是野生的、色彩缤纷的浆果、柑橘类水果、鳄梨和西红柿。如果在果昔中有水果,则要小心,因为它们的血糖指数可能很高,尤其是打碎时,释放出大量的糖分,并且很快就可以被吸收到您的血液中。另一个令人担忧的原因是将简单的碳水化合物(高血糖指数食品)与饱和脂肪结合在一起……一定要首先使用纤维来减缓糖的吸收,以减少胰岛素飙升引起的炎症。



To break down and eliminate toxins from our bodies, there are certain plant families and foods that help us do that, including the Cruciferous vegetables, cilantro, avocado, beets, ginger, garlic, lemons, olive oil, and seaweed.  Cilantro is easy to grow in a container, so buy some seeds and get started today!



Prebiotics (types of food fiber that colon bacteria eat, such as onion & jicama) and Probiotics (especially fermented foods like live culture sauerkraut and kimchi) are good to add.  Digestive enzymes can be helpful if you experience acid reflux, have reduced stomach acid, or if you’re older than 50 or your lab values show elevated inflammation.



评论: 我血糖不是特高的人,只要努力做到12/3,多吃蔬菜,少吃白米,就可以了。太多了,不住。呵呵。



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