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科技英语写作基础(系列):阅读Plastic Debris

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Seine Plastic Debris Transport Tenfolded During Increased River Discharge

Rivers transport land-based plastic waste into the ocean


Current efforts to quantify riverine plastic emission come with uncertainty as field observations are scarce


One of the challenging aspects is the lack of consistent measurement methods that allow for comparing rivers over space and time. 


Recent studies have shown that simple visual observations provide a robust first-order characterization of floating and superficially suspended plastic transport, both in quantity, spatiotemporal distribution and composition


For this study, we applied this method to the river Seine, France, to provide new insights in the spatiotemporal variation in riverine plastic transport. 


First, we studied the response of plastic flow to increased river discharge by comparing measurements taken during low flow and high flow periods


Second, we investigated the variation of riverine plastic transport over the river length to improve our understanding of the origin and fate of riverine plastics


We demonstrate that during a period with higher river discharge, plastic transport increased up to a factor ten at the observation point closest to the river mouth


This suggests that the plastic emission into the ocean from the Seine may also be considerably higher during increased discharge. 


Upstream of Paris plastic transport increased only with a factor 1.5, suggesting that most plastics originate from Paris or areas further downstream.


With this paper[,] we aim to shed additional light on the seasonal variation inriverine plastic transport and its distribution along the river length, which may benefit future long-term monitoring efforts and plastic pollution mitigation strategies.


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