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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on ocean data

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A new global ocean hydrographic climatology



This report describes the main features of the recently published World Ocean Experiment–Argo Global Hydrographic Climatology. 


This climatology is based on profile data from ships, Argo floats, and sensors attached to marine mammals. 


As an important deviation from the widely used climatologies produced previously by the National Oceanographic Data Center, the spatial interpolation was performed on local potential density surfaces, so that no ‘artificial water masses’ were created. 

评论:我会删previously。Try to avoid introducing‘artificial water masses’.


In addition to monthly fields of temperature and salinity, gridded maps of the upper mixed layer depth are now provided.

评论:作者是如何定义upper mixed layer depth的?我会删 now。



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