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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on ocean data and use

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From Observation to Information and Users: The Copernicus Marine Service Perspective


The Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service (CMEMS) provides regular and systematic reference information on the physical and biogeochemical ocean and sea-ice state for the global ocean and the European regional seas. 


CMEMS serves a wide range of users (more than 15,000 users are now registered to the service) and applications. 

评论:不够美。试一下CMEMS serves a wide range of users and applications, with more than 15,000 registered users.


Observations are a fundamental pillar of the CMEMS value-added chain that goes from observation to information and users. 


Observations are used by CMEMS Thematic Assembly Centres (TACs) to derive high-level data products and by CMEMS Monitoring and Forecasting Centres (MFCs) to validate and constrain their global and regional ocean analysis and forecasting systems


This paper presents an overview of CMEMS, its evolution, and how the value of in situ and satellite observations is increased through the generation of high-level products ready to be used by downstream applications and services. 

评论:我更加喜欢ready to be used by various applications and services. 


The complementary nature of satellite and in situ observations is highlighted. 


Long-term perspectives for the development of CMEMS are described and implications for the evolution of the in situ and satellite observing systems are outlined. 

评论:我喜欢加逗号。Try“and implications”

Results from Observing System Evaluations (OSEs) and Observing System Simulation Experiments (OSSEs) illustrate the high dependencies of CMEMS systems on observations. 


Finally future CMEMS requirements for both satellite and in situ observations are detailed.



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