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期刊Natural Hazards

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Natural Hazards

Journal of the International Society for the Prevention and Mitigation of Natural Hazards

Editors: Th. Glade; T.S. Murty; V. Schenk

ISSN: 0921-030X (print version)
ISSN: 1573-0840 (electronic version)

Journal no. 11069


Natural Hazards is devoted to original research work on all aspects of natural hazards, including the forecasting of catastrophic events, risk management, and the nature of precursors of natural and technological hazards.
Although hazards can originate in different sources and systems, such as atmospheric, hydrologic, oceanographic, volcanologic, seismic, neotectonic, the environmental impacts are equally catastrophic. This warrants a close interaction between different scientific and operational disciplines, aimed at enhancing the mitigation of hazards.
Coverage includes such categories of hazard as atmospheric, climatological, oceanographic, storm surges, tsunamis, floods, snow, avalanches, landslides, erosion, earthquakes, volcanoes, man-made and technological, as well as risk assessment.

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