Notes of my internship in the Neurology Department (11/7/4)

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Accoding to internship program made by the clinical college,I get access to the Neurology Department today.  

My first assignment arranged by my clinical taking teach teacher is to measure every patient's BP,which made me quite confused by the purpose for scrambling a nurse's duty.

As I submit my hard-won results to him ,he asked "Have you told these measurement to each patient correctly ?"

 "Yes ,I did,I told every patient the correct BP data",I answered gladly. 

"Oh ,cann't you distinguish correctly from correct ?" ,he said.


"Sometimes you can not told our patient his or hers real condition ,such as the Blood pressure,most patient adopted in our department have the syndrom of hypertention, as we know ,mood and emotions play a great role in hypertention controling,we'd rather lie to them in words and care them with all our hearts in effective actions than always tell them the truth."

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