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Int. J. Materials and Structural Integrity, Vol. 5, No. 1, 2011
1 Radar investigation as a complementary tool for the diagnosis of historic
masonry buildings
Luigia Binda, Maurizio Lualdi, Antonella Saisi and Luigi Zanzi
26 Numerical investigation on the thermal conductive characteristics of the
TiO2/ZnO bilayer films
Yongsheng Wu, Ping Yang, Haifeng Xu and Xianxin Xu
36 A study on the surface integrity aspects of superalloy Inconel 718 under
minimum quantity lubrication in high speed turning
D.G. Thakur, B. Ramamoorthy and L. Vijayaraghavan
46 Performance of pre-tensioned concrete member and the level of
deterioration due to acid rain exposure
A.K. Parande, M.S. Karthikeyan, K. Kumar, V. Deepthi and N. Palaniswamy
58 Investigations on flexural characteristics of functionally graded alumina
and alumina-titania ceramic composite coatings
Sundaram Rajakumar, L. Vijayaraghavan, M.M. Mayuram and
R. Krishnamurthy
77 Characterisation and photocatalytic activity of Ag-modified BiVO4 catalyst
under visible light irradiation
Sheng Yin, Hua-ming Li, Ling Liu, Hui Xu, Yuan-guo Xu and Cheng-tang Liu
90 Life prediction of a self-propelled steel bridge based on co-analysis
technology of finite element and fatigue simulation
Peng Weiping, Wei Yanhong, Liu Zhao and Peng Min
109 Recent development in modelling and simulation of interfacial heat transfer
Ningbo Liao, Miao Zhang and Wei Xue

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