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SPaMD 可扩展并行分子动力学模拟软件

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SPaMD (Scalable Parallel Molecular Dynamics)


SPaMD is designed by Mr. Z. R. Liu and Prof. R. F. Zhang at Beihang University. It includes SPaMD Simulator and SPaMD Visualizer.

SPaMD Simulator is a Scalable Parallel Molecular Dynamics simulation code for massively large-scale atomic/molecular systems, which is developed for specific functionalities in metallic and covalent systems.  There are several specific functionalities implemented into the SPaMD code, e.g. various severe plastic deformations via quasi-static and dynamic loading schemes, shock and irradiation stimuli through nonequilibrium MD schemes, crack propagation and indentation process via MS/MD schemes, an automatic atomistic analysis and visualization kit including crystal type and orientation as well as various defects (dislocations, twins, grain boundary etc), a built-in atomistic modelling for nanostructured polycrystals and nanocomposites, an accelerated MD simulation, etc.

SPaMD Visualizer is an integrated core user interface for modelling, analysis and simulation. The advanced modelling tools is implemented for constructing monocrystals, polycrystals, nanocomposites, bilayers, multilayers etc., and the analysis has integrated all the functions provided in AACSD and AADIS codes, the simulation provide an easy-to-use interface to work with SPaMD Simulator or LAMMPS for targeted simulation such as continuous dynamic loadings, quasi-static athermal loadings, shock, cracking etc.

The SPaMD simulator is released in Tian-He supercomputer or obtained by request for technical support of installation. SPaMD Visualizer is currently copyrighted with its source code not open in public.This software is distributed free of charge for academic, scientific, and educational, and non-commercial users with our permission. Commercial users may also use this software with no cost until a license is established, or with a contract for payment for the technical support. 

Please send requests, bugs and suggestions to zrfcms@buaa.edu.cn.


Attached below is the Registration Form for SPaMD Visualizer or SPaMD Simulator

RegForm for SPaMD Visualizer.doc


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