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How to write a review invitation letter?

All manuscripts submitted to our journal JMS  will be sent out for peer-review unless they are directly rejected after the initial review.

Nowadays with the large increase in manuscript amount around the world, finding an appropriate reviewer who is willing to review the manuscript is not an easy thing sometimes.

Anyway, we try to look for the most appropriate scholars from the editorial members, the related literature databases and the Web of Science database.

A proper review invitation letter is also a very important part to the sucessful invitation. Then how to write a review invitation letter?

I think a review invitation letter should include these parts: (1) a concise and clear e-mail title to let the email reciever directly know what the letter is about( for example, "Please kindly review the manuscript 11-2202 from JMS); (2)a brief introduction on our own journal(this can be attached as an email signature too); (3)Telling the reviewer the name of the manuscript title,the related requirements on the paper reviewing, the deadline to finish the review;  (4) Requesting the reviewer to recommend one suitalbe reviewer if they wouldn't like to or can't review the manuscript (maybe unfamiliar to the contents of the manuscript, or overloaded with other tasks, or in other inconvenient situations); (5) expressing our appreciation to the reviewer for their supporting to the journal and our wishes to have their early response.

The follow is an example of a review invitation letter for one manuscript.


Dear Prof. Marvin,

Sincere greeting from Chengdu, China, the hometown of the great panda! 
Journal of Mountain Science (JMS) is an international peer-reviewed English journal on mountain science. We would like to invite you to review a manuscript entitled "Statement on water losses in arid and Semi-arid zone" . Enclosed are the manuscript and the review form. If you'd like to review it, could you pls finish the review and send back the comments before August 20?
When reviewing, you can directly make comments or have a revision on the manuscript, but please also fill in the review form! 

 If you can not review it, could you pls recommend one suitable reviewer for this paper?  We'll be greatly grateful for your supporting for JMS. 
 I look forward to your early reply.

Best regards,



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