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废话不多说,下面是他在2010年最后一天发给我们的题为“New Year”的励志书信,相信对于做科研的初生牛犊们有一定的帮助。


Sent: 31 December 2010 10:33

Subject: New year

Dear researchers
As the year is coming to an end, please reflect on your progress last year and think about the possibilities next year.
As scientists-in-training, your work is a big part of your life and it should give you a cetain sense of mission and special meaning and dignity. In a way, you are a creator of new knowledge and new processes, that is provided you work and think correctly and productively. It should be an invigorating process. AS work itself, if you respect it, it gives special meaning to the person. All productive human beings need to work and derive meaning from work
To derive meaning that is rewarding, you first need to demand meaning by asking yourself some questions regarding your work.
Some questions u should ask:
(i) in the course of your research, did u suggest any ideas or use your brain to solve some intellectual questions ?
did u develop hypothesis, questions and devise new pathways, strategies ?
what is the hypothesis of your research ?
what are the strategies that you develop ?
(ii) pertaining to (i) above, in the course of your research, did you keep abreast with the latest development in the field, read many papers, surveyed what people have done, identified the problems and state of the research, and formulate new problems and challenges ? 
did you think out of the box and consider the problem from a totally different approach, as such is most needed for the most competitive work ?
(iii) currently what you are doing, is it  new, original, competiive and the outcome can be patented, or can be published in JACS, angewandte chemie, nature XX ?
In the course of your research, after spending time in a field, have you acquired special insights into the process and new knowledge that can be shared with the world ? do u feel excited about this process and discovery ?
If the answers are positive, you will feel an invigorating process in this research as it is a process of discovery. You will feel joy and mission
if you dont demand you dont get anything deep and meaninful, then you will feel bored.
(i) did u solve big problems ?
(ii) suggest big plans and ideas ?
(iii) supervise and help others ?
(iv) start new program and field ?
(v) commission new instrument ? develop new techniques ? teach others ?
if yes, very good, you are a scientific leader
(i) you work like a student only, a highly paid one ?
BAD, please repent and make this new year wish:
"I want to publish NATURE XX"
for students, ASK
(i) why you are doing this work ?
(ii) what will be the outcome ? expected outcome ?
(iii) finally - can we publish in JACS, angenwadte, if not, why ?
if yes, HOW ?
I wish good success for us all next year


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