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        2021年我国多个盆地相继在页岩油勘探开发领域获得重大突破。含油率/含油饱和度是储量计算、甜点优选的重要参数,但由于泥页岩特殊的物质组成及流体赋存方式,以及取心和保存过程中轻烃的损失,使得页岩原始含油性评价难度大。本次研究总结评述了直接法、间接法、测井法及模拟法在页岩含油性评价中的应用,分析了泥页岩轻烃校正方法与页岩含油饱和度(干馏法、有机溶剂蒸馏法、醇类萃取法和核磁共振法)评价中存在的问题,并给出相应建议,以期为我国陆相页岩油资源评价服务。该论文发表在Petroleum Science,2022.


     The United States has become the world's largest oil producer of shale oil. China has abundant shale oil resources, but its resource potential has not yet been exploited. The core of the evaluation is the selection of parameters and their reliability. By combining the parameters of the shale oil resource evaluation, we investigated the key parameters in the evaluation model and reviewed the research results. The adsorption and retention of heavy hydrocarbons, loss of light hydrocarbons, and original oil saturation are key in the evaluation of shale oil resources. The adsorption and retention of heavy hydrocarbons can be determined by the pyrolysis, FID curve, and hydrocarbon generation kinetics of shale before and after extraction. The loss of light hydrocarbons mainly occurs in coring (change in temperature and pressure), sample treatment, which can be evaluated using the GC spectrum, rock pyrolysis, crude oil volume coefficient, mass balance, component hydrocarbon generation kinetics, and other methods. The original oil saturation evaluation includes indirect, direct, logging, and simulation methods. The most reliable parameters can be obtained by using the sealed or pressure-maintained coring immediately after thawing (without crushing), and the recovery of light hydrocarbon loss is critical for the resource evaluation of medium to high mature shale. Therefore, the experimental determination of shale oil content and the study of the influencing factors of the parameters should be strengthened.


Shale oilOil contentOil saturationLight hydrocarbon recoveryResource evaluation

不同时间 页岩T1-T2谱.jpg

                                    泥页岩样品放置室内不同时间下含油 含水变化情况(T1-T2谱)


Proof 页岩含油率.pdf


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