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University of Hull and Chinese Scholarship Council Joint PhD Studentships (2021)

The University of Hull (UoH), UK is a long-standing partner of the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and is again offering full tuition fee scholarships for the selected students via the CSC PhD scholarship in 2021.
In the Department of Engineering, The UoH/CSC PhD Scholarships (~£15000/year tuition fee plus ~14000/year living cost for a duration of 4 years) are open to outstanding Chinese applicants (up to 15 posts) in the following priority research directions and areas supported by the UKRI, The Royal Society, the EU Horizon Programme, etc.

1. Advanced Materials and Manufacturing Technologies (先近材料与制造技术)
Research areas:
In situ and in operando studies of materials structure evolution in solidification and phase transformation processes using synchrotron X-ray and neutron-based imaging, tomography, diffraction and spectroscopic techniques.
Design and development of advanced structural and functional materials, e.g. metallic alloys, composites, metallic glasses, 2D functional materials and biomaterials, as well as advanced external physical fields (ultrasound and magnetic fields) material manufacturing technologies.

2. Renewable Energy and Energy Storage Technologies (再生能源与存储技术)
Research areas:
Offshore wind, wave, tidal energy and energy storage technologies, energy efficient buildings, sustainable control of energy systems, reliable and faulty tolerant control in wind energy and wave energy generation.

3. Biomedical Engineering (生物医学工程)
Research areas:
Biomechanics, computational and physical modelling, diagnostics and therapeutics, smart medical devices, tissue engineering, wound management.

English Requirement (英语要求)
IELTS (雅思) above 6.5; no less than 6.0 in listening, reading, writing and speaking.

Academic Requirement (学位要求)
First class Master or Undergraduate students (degree awarded or to be awarded before September 2021) in research intensive universities in China (985或211高校).

Deadline for Application (截止时间)
31st January 2021

Contact (联系人): if you have any inquiry please contact
Professor Jiawei Mi

Director of Research
Department of Engineering, University of Hull
E-mail address: j.mi@hull.ac.uk
Web: https://www.hull.ac.uk/staff-directory/jiawei-mi


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