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课题组最新论文被Economics of Transition and Institutional Change接收

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刚刚收到消息,本课题组最新论文``Going global'' and pollution in home country: Evidence from Chinese industrial firms" 被 Economics of Transition and Institutional Change 期刊接收。






Economics of Transition and Institutional Change - Decision on Manuscript ID ETIC-2022-0216.R3 [email ref: DL-RW-1-a]



Dear Prof. Ling-Yun He:

It is a pleasure to accept your manuscript entitled "``Going global'' and pollution in home country: Evidence from Chinese industrial firms" in its current form for publication in Economics of Transition and Institutional Change.  The comments of the reviewer(s) who reviewed your manuscript are included at the foot of this letter.

Please note although the manuscript is accepted the files will now be checked to ensure that everything is ready for publication, and you may be contacted if final versions of files for publication are required.

The final version of your article cannot be published until the publisher has received the appropriate signed license agreement. Within the next few days the corresponding author will receive an email from Wiley’s Author Services system which will ask them to log in and will present them with the appropriate license for completion.

This journal offers a number of license options, information about this is available here: All co-authors are required to confirm that they have the necessary rights to grant in the submission, including in light of each co-author’s funder policies. For example, if you or one of your co-authors received funding from a member of Coalition S, you may need to check which licenses you are able to sign.

If your paper contains SUPPORTING INFORMATION:
If you have supporting information for your manuscript, Wiley will host an approved version with the article online. Supporting information will not be copyedited, checked or changed from its original format. If you notice an error, please get in touch with your journal contact as soon as possible.
Supporting information materials must be original and not previously published. If previously published, please provide the necessary permissions. You may also display your supporting information on your own or institutional website. Such posting is not subject to the journal's embargo date as specified in the copyright agreement.
The responsibility for scientific accuracy and file functionality remains entirely with the author(s). A disclaimer to this effect is displayed with any published supporting information.

Thank you for your fine contribution.  On behalf of the Editors of Economics of Transition and Institutional Change, we look forward to your continued contributions to the Journal.


Dr. Lin Tian
Associate Editor, Economics of Transition and Institutional Change

P.S. – You can help your research get the attention it deserves! Wiley Editing Services offers professional video abstract and infographic creation to help you promote your research at And, check out Wiley’s free Promotion Guide for best-practice recommendations for promoting your work at

Reviewer(s)' Comments to Author:

Reviewer: 1

Comments to the Author
I am satisfied with this revision, and recommend publishing it in ETIC.

Date Sent:


Economics of Transition and Institutional Change原名为Economics of Transition,是经济学界公认的转型经济学旗舰期刊、上财常任轨目录期刊之一。

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