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BMC九月即将截止的特刊征稿 | 寻找更匹配您的投稿方向

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期刊:Animal Diseases

客座编辑:Zhen F. Fu; Jürgen A. Richt; Qi Huang; Yifei Lang


The past century had witnessed numerous regional or global outbreaks of infectious diseases in animals such as Plaque, African swine fever, and influenza. It has been estimated that 60% of human infectious diseases and 75% of all emerging infectious diseases are zoonotic in nature. Human diseases with animal origins, such as SARS, MERS, and most recently, COVID-19, have been proven very challenging to prevent and control. Currently, zoonotic pathogens are causing enormous economic losses to the livestock industry, and posing serious threats to human health.The aim of this issue is to provide timely reports on the surveillance, transmission, evolution, and prevention of zoonoses in regionally or globally. High-quality, innovated and prospective research is welcomed.    

The Special Issue “Zoonoses” will focus on but not limited to the following topics:

  • Epidemiological investigation of important zoonoses

  • Mechanisms of evolution and cross-species transmission of zoonotic pathogens

  • Pathogenesis of zoonotic pathogens

  • Diagnosis of zoonoses

  • Development of strategies (vaccines, drugs, etc) to prevent and control zoonoses

Developments in Horticultural Science in Africa

期刊Developments in Horticultural Science in Africa

客座编辑:Maina Mwangi


Horticulture is widely practised in Africa with a large diversity of fruits, vegetables, flowers and ornamentals, herbs and spices being grown, utilized and marketed within and outside the continent. Africa’s horticulture sector has experienced significant growth in recent years with developments in research, technology uptake, regulatory environment, and industrial growth, among others. The sector has faced several challenges, some of the notable ones being pests and disease pandemics, climate change and COVID19 disruptions to global trade.    

Literature on horticulture practice in Africa needs to be updated to capture current advances in technological developments and applications in climate smart production, genomics, bioinformatics, precision agriculture, IPM, big data and robotics. There is a need for literature on areas for policy action and capacity building for horticulture development.

Manuscripts considered: Experts working on horticultural sciences from different regions of Africa are invited to submit to this series. Papers will be considered in postharvest management technologies/ practices, pests and diseases control, genetics, breeding and seed systems, yield loss prevention, sanitary and phytosanitary systems in horticultural food systems and trade, emerging technologies (bio, ICT or other) and the links between horticulture practice and sustainable management of the environment.

New technology applications in health and disease

期刊:Genome Medicine

客座编辑:Fei Chen & Francisco De La Vega


Applications of technology, including for dissection of disease architecture, modeling of progression, disease prognosis, and prediction of clinical outcomes, have been widely demonstrated in recent years cementing the significance of these tools for advancing health and medicine. Single-cell transcriptomics, spatial multi-omics, long read sequencing, artificial intelligence and machine learning are among recently developed technologies that have revolutionized our understanding of disease and have the potential to benefit clinical practice. Single-cell sequencing and spatial ‘omics have furthered the dissection of complex biological mechanisms in tissues as well as uncovered novel insights into disease architecture at a cellular level.  Artificial intelligence and machine learning tools have shown potential applications in disease detection, diagnosis, subtype classification, prognosis prediction, determination of therapeutic response in patients, and drug development. Technologies have aided our understanding of disease variation and interpretation making significant strides for patient treatment and management. 

To capture advances in this growing area, Genome Medicine is pleased to announce a call for papers for our upcoming special issue on ‘New technology applications in health and disease’, guest edited by Dr. Fei Chen from the Broad Institute and Dr. Francisco De La Vega from Stanford University. The issue will capture applications of new technologies in understanding disease etiology, progression, diagnostics, and response to therapeutics as well as combine multi-omic and clinical data, leverage health systems data, and cover the spectrum of human disease, with a special emphasis on cancer and rare diseases. 

Honouring Wayne Getz’s Contributions to Movement Ecology

期刊:Movement Ecology

客座编辑:Dr. Sadie Ryan & Dr George Wittemyer


Prof. Wayne Getz has served as a catalyst and innovator for the discipline of Movement Ecology for decades, including production of seminal works in the field and a foundational role on the editorial board of the journal Movement Ecology. His work includes innovation in methods (from home range estimation to derivation of social mechanisms from movement data) as well as novel applications in behavioral ecology and disease ecology. These contributions have greatly advanced our understanding of spatial ecology and boosted the recognition of movement ecology as a discipline in its own right. Following these decades of contributions, Wayne has recently announced his retirement from the editorial board of the journal Movement Ecology. To recognize his excellent service to the journal and field, we are organising a Special Feature in dedication to his contributions. Interested contributors should contact guest editors Sadie Ryan (sjryan@ufl.edu) or George Wittemyer (G.Wittemyer@colostate.edu) by 1st November 2022 and all contributions should be submitted before 31st December 2022. In your letter to the editors, please clarify how your proposed submission stems from the contributions of Prof. Wayne M. Getz to the field of Movement Ecology.

Ultrahigh Field Magnetic Resonance. Scaling the mountains - what lies above 7 Tesla?

期刊:Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics, Biology and Medicine

客座编辑:Saskia Bollmann; Elena Kleban; Thoralf Niendorf; Rita Schmidt; Christopher Wiggins


MAGMA is planning a special issue on human UHF-MR to be published in its 2nd volume of 2023. The special issue is designed to balance methods oriented developments, novel technologies and technical solutions of ultrahigh (B0=7-10.5 T) and extreme-field MR (B0>10.5 T) together with applications and research promises. For this purpose we wish to encourage studies which benchmark UHF-MR innovations versus today’s standards and welcome studies exploring new clinical and neuroscientific territory with cutting edge technologies. The special issue offers unique space for new concepts and applications which might be of preliminary nature, but continue to motivate new research. It is our goal that these topics will bridge disciplinary boundaries and will stimulate the imaging communities to throw further weight behind the solution of unsolved technical problems and unmet clinical needs en route to what lies above 7 T.

Improving the future by understanding the present: evidence reviews for the field of eating disorders

期刊:Journal of Eating Disorders

客座编辑:Dr. Sarah Maguire, Dr. Jane Miskovic-Wheatley and Dr. Phillip Aouad


In order to advance research in ratings disorders and determine priorities for investment there is an imperative to synthesise advances and identify critical gaps in knowledge. The 2021-2031 Australian Eating Disorder Research and Translation Strategy, a two-year national consultation and collaboration process, included a broad Rapid Review of existing eating disorder literature to map the current evidence-base and inform the development of national research priorities.

A Rapid Review attempts to understand a field of study in its entirety, predominantly to guide decision making processes and address urgent health concerns, and here aims to lay a groundwork of nationally consistent data. This special edition captures the available peer-reviewed literature relating to the six primary eating disorder diagnostic groups (as defined by the DSM-5), across eight key research areas: (1) Population, prevalence, disease burden, and quality of life in Western developed countries; (2) Risk factors; (3) Comorbid conditions and medical complications; (4) Screening and diagnosis; (5) Prevention and early intervention; (6) Psychotherapies and models of care; (7) Pharmacotherapies, alternative & adjunctive therapies; and (8) Outcomes (includes: relapse prevention and mortality).

Led by the InsideOut Institute for Eating Disorders (Sydney, Australia) and driven by Australia’s expert lived experience and eating disorder research community, the review series lays the foundation to improve the future by understanding the present.



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