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JCS专刊征稿 | 新时代背景下的体育运动与生活方式

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期刊:The Journal of Chinese Sociology





The Journal of Chinese Sociology《中国社会学学刊》于2014年10月由中国社会科学院社会学研究所创办。作为中国大陆第一本英文社会学学术期刊,JCS致力于为中国社会学者与国外同行的学术交流和合作打造国际一流的学术平台。JCS由全球最大科技期刊出版集团Springer Nature出版发行,由国内外顶尖社会学家组成强大编委会队伍,采用双向匿名评审方式和“开放获取”(Open Access)出版模式。


Sports are not only crucial in improving people’s physical conditions, but also important in fulfilling people’s expectations for better lives. Traditional sports emphasize more on competitions, focusing on which participating athletes as well as their representing countries get better reputation.

However, the world is developing rapidly with dynamic values and cultures. The advent of 2022 Olympic Games show a time when cooperation rather than competition is more needed. The Olympic Organizing Committee added the fourth important value “together” in the original slogan of “faster, higher and stronger”, marking a new era for sport competitions. Beyond, new digital technologies (e.g. AI or VR), new market, new youth, new culture, and new social structure drive the evolvement of sports industry and sports themselves, the understanding of such mixture of sports with frontier digital technologies lacks our attention.

With the change of the sports ideology, so is its physical form. Sports in China transforms from a rather centralized style to a more popularized one. For many young people, sports are becoming a lifestyle for different communities to display their values and characteristics. This trend is exasperated by the usage of new media. With the key deployment of 5G technology in augmented reality, virtual reality and cloud computing, there is an urgent need to explore how to actively respond to " the development of digital and virtual sports" advocated by the International Olympic Committee.

In contrast to the urgent need for research, studies on new developments in sports are still very limited. Therefore, we plan to call for empirical studies that explore sports and lifestyles in sociology and other associated disciplines, wishing to gain new inspiration and perspective to rethink about health China in the new era.

Papers can address the following themes (including but not limited to):

  • Sports socialization, creativity, and social impact

  • Consumption of sports and modernization

  • Digital technologies and sports’ development

  • VR and sport cognitions 

  • Emerging sport and lifestyle

  • Sports and leisure

  • Sports and rural revitalization

  • Olympics/Asian Games, communication and social relationship 

  • Women’s sports participation

  • eSports and youth culture



赵瑜佩(浙江大学 研究员 博导)Yupeizhao1209@zju.edu.cn


周丽君(浙江大学 教授)janezhou328@zju.edu.cn

沈劍威(香港中文大学 教授)kwsum@cuhk.edu.hk











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