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In the first place, let me share two plots.


This is Saturn. It is just beautiful. I used my cellphone to take a vedio and stacked hundred of frames to make this plot. A vedio is available on bilibili (see 土星手机实拍).


This is Sun and you can see the sunspots. I took it just a couple of days ago. A vedio is also available on bilibili (太阳黑子手机实拍).

Newtonian reflector is relatively cheap and easy to DIY. A Newtonian reflector is basically made of a bigger parabolic primary mirror and a smaller flat secondary mirror.

I made one two years ago and it took me several months. I bought two mirrors, a tube and a focus and DIYed all the rest. I felt extremely excited when I firtst used it to observe the distant buildings. However, my initial motivation is to see the beautiful Jupiter and Saturn. It actually took me another several months before I really saw them. This is because a good observation needs more than just a telescope. A heavy and stable equatorial support is very necessary (it is also expensive for me).  You also need to improve your skills of using the telescope. Anyway, I have a Newtonian reflector now and am good at using it. Here are some pictures.

The DIY experience is fantastic! Looking at the sky is also amazing! But I'm not sure if I will move on because it would be very expensive (both time and money) if you want to see other cosmic objects.


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