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International Symposium on Analytic Philosophy of Technology

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                                                                                                                Guangzhou, 25 April, 2015

To whom it may concern

To improve the research level of Analytic Philosophy of Technology, International Symposium on Analytic Philosophy of Technology, approved by the international exchange and Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Education of China, will be held 27-30 June, 2015 inGuangzhou. This symposium is hosted by School of Marxism, South China University of TechnologySCUTand assisted by School of Philosophy, Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), Chinese Association for Philosophy of Physics, and School of Marxism, Zhejiang University.

The theme of the Symposium is Analytic Philosophy of Technology. The subtopics are Reality of the technical artifacts, Natural kinds, the Relationship between structure and function of the technical artifacts, Technological explanation, Practical reasoning, Inductive reasoning, Bayesian reasoning, Quantum technology, Technological progress, the Nature of technology, Systematic analysis of technology, etc.

Peter Kroes from TU Delft will give a keynote speech on Analytic Philosophy of Technology. This symposium is the first academic one which is held in China and whose theme is Analytic Philosophy of Technology. It will make an academic planning for the future development of the Analysis Philosophy of Technology and promote international academic cooperation.

The language of the symposium is English and the scale is about twenty persons.

Please send your abstract both in English and Chinese (about 600 words in Chinese) no later than 20 May, 2015 and the email addresses are below. The format of the abstract is the format of the paper in “Studies in Dialectics of Nature”. We will inform you if the academic committee accepts your abstract by E-mail at the end of May.

If your abstract has been accepted and you will pay no participation fee, but your transportation and accommodation should be at your own expense.

The time for the arrival and registration: 27June, 2015

The time for the formal symposium: 28-29 June, 2015

The location for the arrival and registration: Xihuyuan Hotel, SCUT

The location for the symposium: The No.5 Building, SCUT

Please contact:

Danfeng Zeng:

Yan Zhou:


Guolin Wu(吴国林)

Chairman, International Symposium on Analytic Philosophy of Technology

Vice Dean, School of Marxism

South China University of Technology

Wushan RD.,Tianhe District, Guangzhou, P. R. China /



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