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何毓琦 2017-7-25 20:06
Please send me an e-mail again so I can reply top your comment.
何毓琦 2017-7-24 21:57
While out-of town, I read your technical  question quickly in English and answered that I will reply more fully upon my return. However, now I can no longer find your query and my reply anymore for unknown reasons. Can you sent your question i9n English again?
lmz20031979 2017-7-13 10:57

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全为实根的能达丰富性递推计算及计算复杂性 2017-09-22
全为实根的能达丰富性递推计算及计算复杂性      对特征根全为实根的线性离散系统,其 步能达丰富性的计算式为       ...
能达丰富性计算的计算复杂性 2017-09-20
能达丰富性计算的计算复杂性     步能达丰富性计算,即 步能达域 的体积计算,可以采用博文“The volume computing of a special polyhedron i ...
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能达丰富性优化中保证能达域一致性变化的要诀 2017-09-02
能达丰富性优化中保证能达域一致性变化的要诀        在本人文章arXiv1705.08064(On Controllable Abundance Of Saturated-input Lin ...
决定能达丰富性大小的主要因素 2017-09-02
决定能达丰富性大小(能达性强否)的主要因素(整理中)      在本人博文“线性离散系统的无限时间能达丰富性的解析计算”(http://blog.scienc ...
离散系统的无限时间能达丰富性的解析计算 2017-09-01
线性离散系统的无限时间能达丰富性的解析计算      本人的博文“线性离散系统的能达丰富性”(http://blog.sciencenet.cn/blog-3343777-106 ...
Computing on observable abundance of linear continuous-time 2017-09-01
Computing on the observable abundance of the linear continuous-time systems with the real and differential eigenvalues      In my ...
2阶有复根的离散系统的能达丰富性极值计算 2017-09-01
2阶有复根的线性离散系统的能达丰富性极值计算(整理中)      本人的博文“2阶有复根的离散系统的能达丰富性计算”(http://blog.sciencenet ...


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