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Nature Plants:拟南芥核被膜的蛋白质组全景图 2020-07-05
Global profiling of plant nuclear membrane proteome in  Arabidopsis ...
PNAS:植物SHR-SCR蛋白复合物在根干细胞分裂过程中发挥重要调控作用 2020-07-04
Protein complex stoichiometry and expression dynamics of transcription factors modulate stem cell division ...
Nature:植物激素信号通路互作组 2020-07-03
Extensive signal integration by the phytohormone protein network ...
PNAS:创伤诱导的生长素积累和ERF115表达协同作用于干细胞再生 2020-07-02
Rocks in the auxin stream: Wound-induced auxin accumulation and ERF115 expression synergistically drive stem cell regeneration ...
Nature Plants:钙离子信号编码机制研究综述 2020-07-01
Calcium spikes, waves and oscillations in plant development and biotic interactions ...
Science Advances:碳纳米管将siRNA递送进完整的植物细胞诱导高效的基因敲低 2020-06-30
Carbon nanocarriers deliver siRNA to intact plant cells for efficient gene knockdown ...
Plant Cell:MtCEP1作用于在低氮条件下苜蓿根与根瘤之间的发育平衡 2020-06-29
A CEP Peptide Receptor-like Kinase Regulates Auxin Biosynthesis and Ethylene Signaling to Coordinate Root Growth and Symbiotic Nodulation i ...
Plant Cell:战姿预备~CRK2与RBOHD预结合并调节ROS生成(In brief) 2020-06-28
En Garde: CRK2 Preassociates with RBOHD and Regulates  ROS Production ...


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