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Molecular Biology and Evolution:植物线粒体蛋白新功能化 2019-05-19
Neofunctionalization of Mitochondrial Proteins and Incorporation into Signaling Networks in Plants First author:  Sbatie Lama ;   ...
Science Advance:拟南芥R环“读取”蛋白 2019-05-18
ALBA protein complex reads genic R-loops to maintain genome stability in  Arabidopsis First author:  Wei Yuan ;   Affiliat ...
Plant Physiology:赤霉素作用于高山南芥春化过程中的成花诱导 2019-05-17
Gibberellins act downstream of  Arabis  PERPETUAL FLOWERING 1 to accelerate floral induction during vernalization First author:  ...
Nature Genetics:番茄泛基因组 2019-05-16
The tomato pan-genome uncovers new genes and a rare allele regulating fruit flavor First author:  Lei Gao ;   Affiliations:  ...
Current Biology:凤尾蕨高砷抗性的分子机制 2019-05-15
Three Genes Define a Bacterial-Like Arsenic Tolerance Mechanism in the Arsenic Hyperaccumulating Fern  Pteris vittata First author:&n ...
Plant Physiology:水稻分生组织维持的遗传调控机制 2019-05-14
Transcriptional corepressor ASP1 and CLV-like signaling regulate meristem maintenance in rice First author:  Chie Suzuki ;   ...
Developmental Cell:拟南芥母本向合子转变MZT的“两步法”及亲本贡献 2019-05-13
Two-Step Maternal-to-Zygotic Transition with Two-Phase Parental Genome Contributions First author:  Peng Zhao ;   Affiliations:& ...
Plant Cell:番茄GA响应受体多样性 2019-05-12
Multiple gibberellin receptors contribute to phenotypic stability under changing environments First author:  Natanella Illouz-Eliaz ; ...


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