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My first week of taking Yoga classes

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I started my first Yoga class last Monday. I had always wanted to try Yoga, for a few reasons (to be flexible, to look graceful, etc.), but I didn't have the time (or the time to look into it). I feel my lower back is stiff these days, and want to strengthen my core. Since a new Yoga studio has moved into the neighborhood, only a block away, and it is offering a free trial for a week, I decided to jump in.

Without thinking twice, I went, with a bottle of water and a hand towel, and shorts. I had no idea what the instructor was saying, because it's not the English I am used to. But, I only had to look to my left or to my right, and copied others' moves. I knew my breathing was out of syc with the instruction, but thanks to the instruction that I at least remembered to breath at all. I was as sweaty as I could be, but I had a hand towel.

I knew I was stiff. I didn't feel intimidated enough to quit. So, I went back for another class. This time, I purchased a mat (so that I didn't have to smell other people's dirty feet--that's how a rental mat smelled like, though it's cleaned after each class). I also put on leggings, which you will do after you go to one class.

I couldn't go everyday, even when it's free. But, I went five times! What can I say about these classes? I had five different instructors, all young ladies, all very nice. The poses are all similar, but each taught in a slightly different way. I like the ones who offered choices for true beginners. (Even though all the classes I went to were for beginners, I could easily tell some beginners are about to "graduate.") The music was good 75% of the time. The instruction, well part of it, is to make students feel better, but too much of that kind of talking reminded me of a religious gathering, which can get tiresome.

Now, I need to make a commitment, to purchase a monthly pass or pay-as-you-go. Since I think a lot, the first thing I did after today's class was to google "Yoga injuries." And I found this article: 

If you think I will quit after reading it, you are wrong. I read this article, and more; and I found this link, Gentel Yoga Class: 

Maybe I should take this gentle class first...

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