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Under each Blogger’s photo to the left, there are two little buttons for easy access:  加为好友 | 发短消息.
When I started to Blog last month for the first time, I wanted to save some Bloggers’ Web pages because I found them useful or interesting. So, I clicked the first button and “collected a good friend.” After having collected half a dozen, I asked myself: Do these strangers want to be my “good friends”?  Of course not; because they don’t even know me, just as I don’t know them.  Now, I store these useful links under “友情链接,” which takes some time, but I think it’s better this way.  (At least, I will not get a short message asking me: Do I know you?)
        If someone from 科学网编辑部 is reading this Blog, may I ask politely whether or not there is a better way to “collect” useful links. (A “click” button would be nice, but then the list would get too long in time.)

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