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Some thoughts on “如何将高水平论文发表在我国国内期刊上?”

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There are quite a few articles on this topic. To answer such a question, I think we need to first ask ourselves WHAT FOR?
For a scientist who only cares about sharing his latest results, he should go for a journal with the most potential readers.  Therefore, it really depends on where his readers are.  If he studies how to improve k-12 education (before college) in China, I think he is better off with a Chinese language journal.  However, if this scientist studies “climate change,” the impact would be much bigger if he publishes it in an English journal.  Since English journals in China are relatively less “established” than some older journals in English-speaking countries, he naturally wants to publish it in a better “established” journal abroad.  I see nothing wrong with that.
Of course, there is an issue with copy right. If we believe in “science has a boarder,” then the Chinese government can insist Chinese scientists publish in journals with Chinese publishers.  The government can do so by rewarding these authors with cash, new funding for future research, etc.  To ensure China is not enclosed by a new “great wall of publication,” the government can invest in money for the top journal in each field to be bilingual, in both Chinese and English.
What am I missing?  Right, the cost of purchasing papers published by non-Chinese publishers.  I think Open Access (OA) is going to change journal publication in a big way.  We can encourage scientists to go for OA journals wherever they are available.  Scientists need to be educated about journal publication.  Then, many of them will consider OA, let’s hope.
Do scientists in other countries have to ask themselves the same question?  Let’s imagine for a minute that each of the G20 requires its “citizens” to publish in his “own country’s journals.”  My brain cannot handle this assignment; you try it.

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