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科技英语写作基础(系列):分析abstract on Micro(nano)plastics

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Micro(nano)plastics: A threat to human health?


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• Great interest in potential toxicity of plastic particles towards human health is growing.

• Potential toxicity of micro and nanoplastics and leaching of additives.

• Consequences of bioaccumulation and biomagnification of plastic particles and adsorbed compounds.





The presence and effects of plastic debris is increasingly investigated.  



The majority of studies focuses on microplastics (MPs), but few reports suggest that plastic fragments in the <100 nm size range, referred to as nanoplastics (NPs), may also be formed in the aquatic environment and further to humans

评论:Could also define MPs’ size range.

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This paper provides a review on routes of human exposure and potential effects of MPs and NPs to human health. 


MPs/NPs could potentially induce: physical damages through particles itself, and biological stress through MPs/NPs alone or leaching of additives (inorganic and organic). 

评论:Do MPs and NPs have the same effects, or not?


Future research should evaluate trophic transfer of MPs/NPs with their associated chemicals through the marine food web.

评论:What about US (humans)? This is what the title says, and I want to know the answer.


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