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将卫星数据转换成天气预报 (EOS of AGU/带 谷歌翻译狗 上路)

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Transforming Satellite Data into Weather Forecasts

Google translate: 将卫星数据转换成天气预报

A NASA project spansthe gap between research and operations, introducing new composites ofsatellite imagery to weather forecasters to prepare for the next generation ofsatellites.

Google translate: NASA项目跨越了研究与运营之间的差距,将卫星图像的新复合材料引入天气预报员,为下一代卫星做准备。

Mine: NASA的一个项目,目标对准无缝衔接气象研究和预报。该项目将为天气预报员提供卫星图像的新复合图。其最终目标是为下一代气象卫星研发做准备。

Interaction with the EndUsers

Google translate:与最终用户的互动

Forecasters found theDaytime Microphysics imagery valuable for identifying strong thunderstorms andlow-level rain clouds.

Google translate: 预报员发现白天微物理图像对于识别强雷暴和低层雨云很有价值。

This example of thesuccess of the SPoRT R2O/O2R paradigm involves the EUMETSAT microphysics RGBproducts and the Alaska region partners. Additional NWS partners across theUnited States are interacting with SPoRT to integrate RGB imagery intooperations and prepare for the wealth of new imagery available with GOES-16 inthe near future.

Google translate: 这个SPoRT R2O / O2R范例的成功案例涉及EUMETSAT微物理RGB产品和阿拉斯加地区合作伙伴。美国的其他NWS合作伙伴正在与SPoRT进行互动,将RGB图像整合到操作中,并在不久的将来为GOES-16提供的丰富的新图像做准备。

The Future ofMultispectral Imagery

Google translate: 多光谱成像的未来

SPoRT continues to applyits successful research-to-operations paradigm to prepare forecasters for thecapabilities that will be available from next-generation satellites.Forecasters soon will have access to all 16 spectral bands observed by the newGOES-16 satellite via their display system, known as the Advanced WeatherInteractive Processing System (AWIPS). SPoRT worked with a team of AWIPSprogrammers to develop the capability to generate RGB products directly withinthe AWIPS workstation, which provides greater flexibility in product generationand improved color quality.

Google translate:  SPoRT继续应用其成功的研究操作范式,为下一代卫星提供的功能做好准备。预测者很快将能够通过它们的显示系统(称为高级天气交互处理系统(AWIPS))访问由新的GOES-16卫星观测到的所有16个光谱带。 SPoRT与一个AWIPS程序员团队一起开发了在AWIPS工作站内直接生成RGB产品的能力,从而在产品生成和改善色彩质量方面提供更大的灵活性。

In addition, SPoRTdeveloped a plug-in for AWIPS that allows forecasters to review quick-referencematerial (Figure 4). This is ideal for accessing short refresher training formoments when a forecaster needs to quickly look up information about a product.This new capability allows forecasters to view reference material and real-timeimagery at the same time to reinforce concepts without interrupting workflow.

Google translate: 此外,SPoRT开发了一个AWIPS插件,允许预报员查看快速参考材料(图4)。这对于在预报员需要快速查找产品的信息的时刻进行短期复习训练是理想的。这一新功能允许预报员同时查看参考资料和实时图像,以强化概念,而不会中断工作流程。

The NWS OperationsProving Ground evaluated these new innovative capabilities duringMarch and April of 2016. In particular, forecasters were excited about thepossibility of accessing training material directly in AWIPS.

SPoRT continues to leadthe community in providing multispectral composites to NWS partners thoughinteractive partnerships, innovative training approaches, and targetedassessments tailored to specific forecasting challenges. More information andupdates on this project are available on the blog The WideWorld of SPoRT, the NASA SPoRT Center Facebook page, and Twitterat @NASA_SPoRT.

Google translate: NWS作业试验场在20163月和4月对这些新的创新能力进行了评估。特别是,预报员对于直接在AWIPS中获得培训材料的可能性感到兴奋。

SPoRT继续领导社区通过互动合作伙伴,创新培训方法和针对具体预测挑战的针对性评估,向NWS合作伙伴提供多光谱复合材料。有关这个项目的更多信息和更新可以在博客TheWide World of SPoRTNASA SPoRT Center Facebook页面和Twitter at @NASA_SPoRT

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