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“Safety in Space: A New Frontier ?”, London

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This event is jointly organised by the Safety and Reliability Society and the Hazards Forum and hosted by ICE.

Over the past decade, the number and variety of organisations launching into space has significantly increased. The major driver for these activities has been a growing commercial sector, a change from the institutional dominated missions seen in the early years of the space industry. The UK has a number of companies involved in this growing space sector involved in everything from constellations, to on-orbit servicing to launch.

All these missions require a clear understanding of safety and the risk presented in orbit and on the ground. One of the areas receiving particular attention in the UK is launch. Commercial actors in the UK are now developing a range of launch options and locations for space ports to allow small satellites to be launched from the UK rather than using international launch sites. As space infrastructure continues to develop, it will continue to be at the frontier of an evolving legislative regime. This will create new challenges in terms of risk assessment and appropriate health and safety regulation.

The event will start at 1800 and finish by 1940. Registration, tea and coffee is available from 17:30. The event will conclude with a drinks reception.

The image 'Safety in Space?' is cedited to Bill Jelen on Unsplash



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