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New Phytologist:辣椒免疫受体全基因组功能分析揭示种子植物自主性NLR类群

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Genome‐wide functional analysis of hot pepper immune receptors reveals an autonomous NLR clade in seed plants

第一作者Hye‐Young Lee


通讯作者Doil Choi


背景介绍Plants possess hundreds of intracellular immune receptors encoding nucleotide‐binding domain leucine‐rich repeat (NLR) proteins. Full‐length NLRs or a specific domain of NLRs often induce plant cell death in the absence of pathogen infection.

主要研究:In this study we used genome‐wide transient expression analysis to identify a group of NLRs (ANLs; ancient and autonomous NLRs) carrying autoactive coiled‐coil (CCA) domains in pepper (Capsicum annuum).

结果1-CCA介导植物细胞死亡CCA‐mediated cell death mimics hypersensitive cell death triggered by the interaction between NLRs and pathogen effectors.

结果2-CCA必要结构α1螺旋Sequence alignment and mutagenesis analyses revealed that the intact α1 helix of CCAs is critical for both CCA‐ and ANL‐mediated cell death.

结果3-ANLs是singleton:Cell death induced by CCAs does not require NRG1/ADR1 or NRC type helper NLRs, suggesting ANLs may function as singleton NLRs. We also found that CCAs localize to the plasma membrane, as demonstrated for Arabidopsis singleton NLR ZAR1.

结果4-进化分析:Extended studies revealed that autoactive CCAs are well conserved in other Solanaceae plants as well as in rice, a monocot plant. Further phylogenetic analyses revealed that ANLs are present in all tested seed plants (spermatophytes).

结论:Our study not only uncovers the autonomous NLR clade in plants but also provides powerful resources for dissecting the underlying molecular mechanism of NLR‐mediated cell death in plants.

 摘  要 

植物具有数百个胞内免疫受体,编码核苷酸结合结构域和富含亮氨酸重复序列NLR蛋白。全长的NLRs或者NLR的特定结构域通常会在没有病原菌的情况下诱导植物细胞的死亡。本研究中,作者基于辣椒(Capsicum annuum)的全基因组范围瞬间表达分析,鉴定到了一类古老的自主NLR蛋白,即ANLs,这些蛋白携带一个自激活的卷曲螺旋结构域CCACCA介导的植物细胞死亡与由NLRs和病原菌效应物之间互作所诱导的超敏性细胞死亡十分相似。序列比对和诱变分析显示CCA完整的α1螺旋结构对于CCA和ANL介导的细胞死亡都是至关重要的。由CCA诱导的细胞死亡并不需要NRG1/ADR1或者NRC类的helper NLRs,说明ANLs可能作为单基因的NLRs发挥作用。作者基于拟南芥NLR单基因ZAR1的研究发现CCA会定位于质膜。进一步的研究表明自激活的CCA在其它茄科植物中比较保守,同时在水稻等单子叶植物中也同样保守。进一步的系统发育分析显示ANLs在所有的种子植物中都存在。本文的研究不仅揭示了植物中的自主性NLRs,同时还为N深入研究NLR介导的植物细胞死亡分子机制提供了有用的资源。

doi: 10.1111/nph.16878

Journal: New Phytologist

Published online: Nov 16, 2020


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