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I am tough...

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Our never-ending project is being wrapped up. I predicted that the manuscript could be finished and submitted by mid April, so I purchase a r/t to go away for four weeks. Well, my conservative prediction failed. The manuscript will not be submitted in April. I cannot delay my trip, but I am willing to cut it short, if necessary. (The airline usually does not allow a cheap ticket to change its outbound, but may allow change for the return trip, with some penalty.)

In the mean time, I discovered a potentially better solution. So, I spent yesterday to investigate it quietly. After having made half a dozen test exps, I understood most of the new solutions. So, I brought up this issue to the team this morning. The evidence I presented was convincing, but it may require extensive revision of the current manuscript (not to mention additional tuning of some model parameters and repeating of all the exps that are reported in the paper).

But, science is to advance our understanding of the nature. If it takes more time, so be it. (Ok, young researchers, if you are reading this Blog, be aware that I no longer care about publishing papers or not. This will be my last paper, and it will be a very good one.)

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