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如何写好科技英语300字短文:Part II (Feb 7,2019)

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讲课用的textbook: College Writing Skills with Readings, Ninth Edition (美国大学英语写作第九版) by John Langan (available on jd for less than RMB70)




Part II: Patterns of Essay Development (短文的分类和写作手法


7 Introduction to Essay Development 

8 Description

9 Narration

10 Exemplification

11 Process

12 Cause and/or Effect 

13 Comparison and/or Contrast 

14 Definition

15 Division-Classification 

16 Argument



Chapter 7: Introduction to Essay Development

This chapter will

·     introduce you to nine patterns of essay development

·     explain the importance of understanding the nature and length of an assignment

·     explain the importance of knowing your subject, your purpose, and your audience

·     explain the three different points of view used in writing

·     show you know to conduct a peer review and personal review


Important Considerations in Essay Development

Understanding the Nature and Length of an Assignment

Knowing Your Subject

Knowing Your Purpose and Audience

Determining Your Point of View

  First-Person Approach

  Second-Person Approach

  Third-Person Approach


Using Peer Review

We should try this in class.


Doing a Personal Review

1.   While you’re writing and revising a paragraph or essay, you should be constantly evaluating it in terms of unity, support, and organization. Use as a guide the detailed checklist on the inside back cover of this book. 

2.   After you’ve finished the next-to-final draft of a composition, check it for the sentence skills listed on the inside back cover. It may also help to read your work out loud. If a given sentence does not sound right—that is, if it does not read clearly and smoothly—chances are something is wrong. In that case, revise or edit as necessary until your composition is complete. 




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