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Study abroad: major is more important

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Going abroad for further study plays such an important role that it undeniablybecomes the biggest concern of us undergraduates.Inevitably we have to choose the more influential one from two factors: majorand university, while omnifarious rankings like UNnews Rankings, ARWU RankingsandQS World University Rankings,affecting our judgment. Thecontroversial issue is often brought into public focus. People from differentbackgrounds hold various attitudes towards it. Somemay prefer to get a good offer from a university in TOP10 though its major isnot a first –rate one, but others regard specialist ranking as dominant sector.Personally I side with the latter opinion.

    As is known to all, many of the overseasstudents in 90s blindly put getting gilded as their only goal. In what soundslike the movie American Dream, lotsof Mengjunyaos fed rats and brush tubes with their PhD. And it got even moreserious after 2000. A great many of jobless or low-income graduates have toreturn curtly, and some of them even graduate from elite collages, for example,the University of Washington in St.Louis.”We Chinese always pay more attentionto famous collage, yet in America major is often more crucial. Major is closelylinked with employment.”Experts said([1]Qulu ,2010/12/18)So is not difficult tounderstand that some “Mengs”overseas students waste valuable time for degreesof elite ,then return , change careers.

Now,things have improved. Data in 2008 shows that plenty of students finallyselected schools which have Top major, not only rely on National UniversityRanking. Dr.Leidongdong from Cambridge International Center of Shanghai NormalUniversity mentioned a typical instance:”Our student Hanyujie, who is admittedto Johns Hopkins University, will study Biochemistry, which is No.1 major inthis field. We suppose her choice is wise. It’s always better to plan for yourown interest and long-term consideration maybe useful.”([2] Anxun, 2009/3/16,XINMIN NEWS).Graduates of this kind can always find good jobs for their firmtechnical ability and professional skills. An intervention could be, morestudents begin to apply to University of San Francisco, whose NUR is 120 butFinancial Analysis (CFA) reached the highest standard in America.

    We are entering a brand new era full of opportunitiesand innovations and great changes have taken place in people’s attitude towardssome traditional thoughts.There is a long-running debate on whether majoror school is more pivotal. Just as thesaying goes: "so many people so many minds". It is quiteunderstandable that views on this issue vary from person to person. Fame isnot the paramount element in new era of further study abroad. Although somestill prefer choosing famous university, they will admit that major cannot beignored someday.






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