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2023年发表Phys. Rev. E 2023-02-11
Emergence of macroscopic directional motion of deformable active cells in confined structures        Bao-quan Ai , 1 , 2 , ...
2022年发表Phys. Rev. E 2022-09-21
Anomalous transport tuned through stochastic resetting in the rugged energy  landscape of a chaotic system with roughness  Yuhui Lu ...
2022年发表J. Phys. Chem. C 2022-07-19
Anisotropic Chalcogenide Perovskite CaZrS 3 : A Promising Thermoelectric Material Xiefei Song, Xuxia Shai, * Shukang Deng, * Jinsong ...
2022年发表Phys. Rev. E 2022-07-19
Internal-stress-induced solid-solid transition involving orientational domains   of anisotropic particles Tao Huang,   Chunhua ...
2022年发表Physical Review Research 2022-03-30
Spatiotemporal di ff usion as early warning signal for critical transitions in spatial tumor-immune system with stochasticity Zhiqin Ma, 1 ...
2022接受于Europhysics Letters 2022-03-09
Relaxation time as an indicator of critical transition to a eutrophic lake state: The role of stochastic resonance Zhiqin Ma 1 , Chunhua Zen ...
2022年发表Phys. Rev. E 2022-01-30
Negative rectification and anomalous diffusion in nonlinear substrate potentials: Dynamical relaxation and information entropy Yuhui Luo, &nbs ...
Eur. Phys. J. Plus (2021) 136:1071 2021-12-27
Anomalous transport and diffusion of coupled Brownian particles with periodic driving forces Ying Wang 1 , Chunhua Zeng 1 , a , Bao-Quan Ai ...


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