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SEL Review: 物理方法在土壤生物和有机质检测中的应用

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土壤生物及土壤有机质是衡量土壤质量与肥力的重要指标。傅声雷教授和Chagovetc Sergei博士重点归纳了检测土壤生物及有机质的非破坏性物理方法如声学检测、射频识别、放射性标记、高光谱传感和电子能量损失谱等。物理方法既不需要复杂的预处理,亦不会破坏原有土壤,有很好的应用潜力


Applications of physical methods in estimation of soil biota and soil organic matter

Chagovetc Sergei, Shenglei Fu

Soil Ecology Letters, 

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Soil biota is the living component of soil organic matter (SOM), and plays a key role in the decomposition of SOM. Both soil biota and SOM are indicators of soil fertility and soil quality. However, they both are sensitive to soil disturbance. Although researchers developed various technologies to detect soil biota and SOM, they are mostly destructive and cause disturbance to soil, which may not reflect the actual situation of soil biota and SOM. Therefore, here we mostly focused on the non-destructive physical methods for estimating soil biota and SOM and discussed their advantages and disadvantages. These methods include but not limited to acoustic detection, radio frequency identification, radioactive tagging, hyperspectral sensing and electron energy loss spectroscopy. In addition, we pointed out the current research problems and the potential research directions for applications of physical methods in estimation of soil biota and SOM.

1 Introduction
2 Applications of physical methods in soil biota estimation
2.1 Acoustic detection
2.2 Radio frequency identification and radioactive tagging
2.3 Radiography
3 Applications of physical methods in soil organic matter estimation
3.1 Hyperspectral sensors
3.2 X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy
3.3 Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy
3.4 Electron energy loss spectroscopy
3.5 Infrared, near-infrared and Fourier transform spectroscopy
4 Perspective

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