吕天帅Laser & Photonics Reviews: 多功能和高性能LiTaO3:Tb3+, Gd3+
2023-9-24 12:33
研究论文题目: Versatile and High-Performance LiTaO3:Tb3+, Gd3+ Perovskite for Multimode Anti-counterfeiting, Flexible X-Ray Imaging, Continuous Stress Sensing, and Non-Real-Time Recording 作者:吕天帅,第一作者兼通讯作者 论文链接: ...
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吕天帅Chemical Engineering Journal: LiTaO3:Ln3+,Eu3+光存储材料
2023-8-12 11:45
论文题目: Designing LiTaO 3 :Ln 3+ ,Eu 3+ (Ln=Tb or Pr) perovskite dosimeter with excellent charge carrier storage capacity and stability for anti-counterfeiting and flexible X-ray imaging 作者:吕天帅(第一作者兼通讯作者) 论文链接: ...
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吕天帅Materials Chemistry Frontiers: LiLuGeO4:Bi3+,Ln3+光存储材料
2023-8-12 11:41
论文题目: High charge carrier storage capacity and wide range X-rays to infrared photon sensing in LiLuGeO 4 :Bi 3+ ,Ln 3+ (Ln = Pr, Tb, or Dy) for anti-counterfeiting and information storage applications 作者:吕天帅(第一通讯作者) 论文链接: ...
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吕天帅Advanced Functional Materials: X-ray成像,应力发光与应力存储的智能LiTaO3
2023-8-12 11:35
论文题目: LiTaO 3 :Bi 3+ ,Tb 3+ ,Ga 3+ ,Ge 4+ : A Smart Perovskite with High Charge Carrier Storage Capacity for X-Ray Imaging, Stress Sensing, and Non-Real-Time Recording 作者:吕天帅(第一作者兼通知作者) 论文链接: 论文摘要 ...
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吕天帅Laser & Photonics Reviews:LiTaO3光存储材料真空标度能级图的构建及其运用
2023-8-12 11:29
论文题目: Vacuum-Referred Binding Energies of Bismuth and Lanthanide Levels in LiTaO 3 Perovskite: Toward Designing Energy Storage Phosphor for Anti-Counterfeiting, X-Ray Imaging, and Mechanoluminescence 作者:吕天帅(第一作者兼通讯作者) 论文链接: ...
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吕天帅Laser & Photonics Reviews: 利用LiTaO3光存储材料实现X-ray到红外光子的探测
2023-8-12 11:23
论文题目: Wide Range X-Ray to Infrared Photon Detection and Energy Storage in LiTaO3:Bi3+,Dy3+ Perovskite 作者:吕天帅(第一作者兼通讯作者) 论文链接: 论文摘要: It is challenging to obtain a material that can detect photo ...
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吕天帅Chemical Engineering Journal: Bi3+离子长余辉与光存储材料
2023-8-12 11:13
论文题目: Unraveling electron liberation from Bi2+ for designing Bi3+-based afterglow phosphor for anti-counterfeiting and flexible X-ray imaging 论文链接: 论文作者:吕天帅 (第一作者 兼通讯作者 ) 论文摘要: I ...
个人分类: 长余辉发光材料|475 次阅读|没有评论
2022-5-12 18:45
如何利用真空标度(VRBE)能级图理性设计与探索长余辉发光与光存储材料 增强出版 How to rational design and explore afterglow and storage phosphors by using the vacuum referred binding energy (VRBE) diagram 论文链接: ...
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利用真空能级理性设计储能材料 (afterglow phosphor and storage phosphor)
2020-2-25 17:28
title: Vacuum-Referred Binding Energies of Bismuth and Lanthanide Levels in ARE(Si,Ge)O 4 (A = Li, Na; RE = Y, Lu): Toward Designing Charge-Carrier-Trapping Processes for Energy Storage 文章链接: ...
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2019-7-25 16:02
Designing thermally stimulated 1.06 μm Nd 3+ emission for the second bio-imaging window demonstrated by energy transfer from Bi 3+ in La-, Gd-, Y-, and LuPO 4 文章链接: Abstract We report a general methodolo ...
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