Fluorescence Imaging and Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

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We have collected 8 articles on fluorescence imaging and fluorescence lifetime imaging fromJournal of Innovative Optical Health Sciencesin recent years. The topics of these articles include near-infrared fluorescent marker, fluorogenic probe, fluorescence imaging device, fluorescence molecular tomography, auto-fluorescence, time-gated fluorescence imaging, fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, etc.

Hope these articles are useful reference for your work.

Fluorescence Imaging

A novel indocyanine green-based fluorescent marker for guiding surgical tumor resection

Jiawei Ge, Justin D. Opfermann, Hamed Saeidi, Katherine A. Huenerberg, Christopher D. Badger, Jaepyeong Cha, Martin J. Schnermann, Arjun S. Joshi and Axel Krieger

JIOHS | Vol. 14, No. 03, 2150013 (2021)

A novel fluorogenic probe for visualizing the hydrogen peroxide in Parkinson’s disease models

Gaobin Zhang, Zheng Li, Fangjie Chen, Duoteng Zhang, Wenhui Ji, Zhengpeng Yang, Qiong Wu, Chengwu Zhang, Lin Li and Wei Huang

JIOHS | Vol. 13, No. 03, 2050013 (2020)

A miniaturized fluorescence imaging device for rapid early skin cancer detection

Jingyue Pan, Qingquan Liu, Hao Sun, Weibo Zheng, Peiru Wang, Long Wen, Junli Duan, Zhiyi Xuan, Xiang Yu, Shaowei Wang, Xiuli Wang, Tao Zhang and Wei Lu

JIOHS | Vol. 14, No. 02, 2050026 (2021)

Inertial gradient method for fluorescence molecular tomography

Lei Wang and Hui Huang

JIOHS | Vol. 14, No. 02, 2150002 (2021)

Automated classification of dual channel dental imaging of auto-fluorescence and white light by convolutional neural networks

Cheng Wang, Haotian Qin, Guangyun Lai, Gang Zheng, Huazhong Xiang, Jun Wang and Dawei Zhang

JIOHS | Vol. 13, No. 04, 2050014 (2020)

Time-gated fluorescence imaging: Advances in technology and biological applications

Wenzhao Yang and Sung-Liang Chen

JIOHS | Vol. 13, No. 03, 2030006 (2020)

Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging

Monitoring microenvironment of Hep G2 cell apoptosis using two-photon fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy

Kexin Wang, Shiyao Tang, Shiqi Wang, Fangrui Lin, Gengjin Zou, Junle Qu and Liwei Liu

JIOHS | Vol. 15, No. 03, 2250014 (2022)

Tumor cell death visualization of renal cell carcinoma under the combined effect of theGratiola officinalisextract and cyclophosphamide using fluorescent staining methods

Artyom Mylnikov, Nikita Navolokin, Dmitry Mudrak, Natalya Polukonova, Alla Bucharskaya and Galina Maslyakova

JIOHS | Vol. 14, No. 05, 2142004 (2021)

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