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多尺度奖牌得主学习算法及其工程应用 (MMLA) 2023-11-08
Sheng-Xue He · Yun-Ting Cui Multiscale medalist learning algorithm and its application in engineering 附论文如下:  ...
桁架配置优化的奖牌获得者学习算法 (Medalist learning algorithm) 2023-10-03
Medalist learning algorithm for configuration optimization of trusses Sheng-Xue He, Yun-Ting Cui  (Business School, University of Shangha ...
多尺度榜样学习算法 ( multiscale model learning algorithm -MMLA) 2023-09-18
 Multiscale model learning algorithm (MMLA) 多尺度榜样学习算法 内容来自下面的论文: ...
多阶段榜样学习算法求解多级供应链网络最优均衡状态(MMLA for SCN) 2023-09-15
A novel variational inequality approach for modeling the optimal equilibrium in multi-tiered supply chain networks Sheng-Xue   He ,&nbs ...
榜样学习算法求解带频率约束的桁架优化问题(Truss optimization with MLA) 2023-06-11
He Sheng-Xue, Truss optimization with frequency constraints using the medalist learning algorithm, Structures, Volume 55, 2023, Pages 1-15, ...
网络展示广告的分类、横幅广告的成本控制及在线广告交易过程简介(In English) 2023-05-28
Here are the   different types of display advertising:   Banner ads : Banner ads are the most common type of display ad. Th ...


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