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2022-1-4 18:45
个人代表作10篇: Sheng-Xue He , Jian-Jia He, Shi-Dong Liang, June Qiong Dong, Peng-Cheng Yuan. A Dynamic Holding Approach to Stabilizing a Bus Line Based on the Q-Learning Algorithm with Multistage Look-Ahead . Transportation Science , Published Online: 30 Nov 2021. ...
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2022-5-25 06:32
西方议会制度的有效前提和弊端 1. 何为议会制 西方国家的一个基本制度就是议会。所谓议会就是一群来自国民选举的人组成的一个具有特定权利的群体。议会具有的权利一般包括:制定相关法律、批准政府预算、确定一些大政方针、宣布战争等。议会成员聚在一起讨论和辩论一些与国家 ...
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2022-5-24 09:01
中美幸福观的源头差异 1. 何为幸福? 幸福也即快乐与满足。如果说所有人,包括凡夫俗子和圣贤哲人,有一个共同的目标的话,那就是幸福。哲学家为了解答何为幸福,以及如何获得幸福,穷尽毕生心血。政治领袖则为了谋求幸福,披荆斩棘,置生死与度外。而普罗大众则为幸福,经千难万险,至死不悔。 ...
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2022-5-24 06:28
社会学理论的一生 1. 理论的诞生 鉴于社会学研究对象的复杂性和亲近性,社会学理论的诞生一般源于对现实问题的思考。例如当前在中国肆虐的疫情就是一个很好的议题,有关这方面的讨论热火朝天。相关理论既具有现实的迫切性,也具有为社会大众检讨的现实性。对于重大社会问题,我们很少看到在理论界会只有一种 ...
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2022-5-6 21:45
读《致命的自负》有感: Why are intellectuals prone to support a big brother?There are four reasons: 1. Standpoint from class : Where you stand decides what you say. In a famous Chinese saying, your butt directs your head! Since as an intellectual, the obtain ...
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7 Tips for How to Read Faster (and Still Understand What You Read) By Suzanne Raga Jul 5, 2017| Updated: Mar 9, 2021, 12:00 PM EST Whether you skim a blog post, peruse files for work, or browse through a book , you most likely do some type of reading every day. But s ...
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2022-4-26 23:51
AVP条件下的共享停车供需匹配模型及自适应演化算法 何胜学 Shared Parking Demand-supply Match Model and Self-adaptive Evolutionary Algorithm with Autonomous Valet Parking HE Sheng-xue 摘要: 为了充分利用无人车在停车过程中可以灵活移位的特征,提高预约式共享停车中停车需求与供给的匹配效率,同 ...
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2022-4-26 23:44
基于超级时空网络的公交车辆调度模型及3M进化算法 何胜学 摘要 : 针对在时刻表给定条件下如何减少空驶车次和实现具有工作时间公平性的公交车辆调度问题,建立了基千超级时空网络的模型,并设计了一种具有混生、变异和成长三种基本操作的进化求解算法。首先利用超级网络理念,将出场弧、入场弧、接续、实际车次和空 ...
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2022-4-18 19:51
Is it a pity or luck to become the one you hate? Generally speaking, everyone has a model to follow especially at a young age. I also know people who have no role model concerning personal characters. We like someone some time for some reason. But it has nothing to do with our future r ...
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What is the goal of life? 人生的目标是什么?
2022-4-18 09:44
No matter how old are you, this problem always appeared in your mind sometimes. We figured out an answer then but were soon unsatisfied with the answer. We lost our way in a fog. Maybe it is easy for a kid to say “I want to be a pilot!” or something like that. No doubt it is a perfect answer fo ...
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语言自然习得中习得与学得的差异谜团与解决 方法
2022-4-11 13:23
语言自然习得中习得与学得的差异谜团与解决方法 The Difference Mystery between Learning and Acquisition in the Natural Acquisition Theory of Language and Its Solution 关键词: 二语习得;思维导图;大脑;自然习得;学得;The Second Language Acquisition;Mind Map;Brain;N ...
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