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A New Book--In memory of Professor Igor Chueshov

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"I ever didn't know that I have published six books." Now, I told you that,

plus this one, you indeed had six!

By Professor Bjorn Schmalfuss:

I met Igor for the first time in a workshop about random dynamical systems at

the Institute of Dynamical Systems at the University of Bremen in the in the mid-

1990s. It was quickly clear to me that he was an excellent expert in the theory of

dynamical systems generated by partial differential equations. He wanted to expand

his field of work to stochastic partial differential equations and their dynamics, an

area I was also interested in. We started to work together, exchanging ideas and

discussing random pullback attractors for stochastic partial differential equations.

Later, he visited the universities I used to work on several occasions. During that

time, we also became good friends, so it was a tradition that once per week during

his visits, we had a joint dinner in a restaurant, chatting about life, politics, and

math. When we had the last of these dinners he asked me if I would share with

him a typical German dish with fatty meat, which could only be ordered for two

people. Although this kind of dish was not my favorite, I agreed. Later, when the

waiter came, Igor said, Now I need a vodka. The waiter answered in German Einen

Doppelten? Igor did not understand and answered A big one. So the waiter brought

a fourfold vodka and Igor emptied the glass without any problem.

Having this story in mind I was astonished that Igor asked for vacation a few

weeks later for his editorial work for Stochastics and Dynamics owing to serious

illness. I thought, Igor is a strong guy mentally and physically, he will overcome this

illness quickly. But I was wrong. When I received a few weeks later the message

that Igor had passed away, I could not believe it. But it was the bitter truth.


Monotone Random Systems Theory and Applications.pdf

Introduction to infinite-dimensional dynamical and dissipative systems.pdf

Dynamics of Quasi-Stable Dissipative Systems.pdf

Von Karman evolution equations Well-posedness and long time dynamics.pdf


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