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2013-2017年Journal of differential equations高被引文章

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1152015notfoundA method ased on the Jacoi tau approximation for solving  multi-term time鈥搒pace fractional partial differential equations
982013notfoundElliptic prolems involving the fractional Laplacian in RN
802014SIh,KSek,TYokotBoundedness in quasilinear Keller鈥揝egel systems of  paraolic鈥損araolic type on non-convex ounded domains
762014GL,HYeExistence of positive ground state solutions for the nonlinear  Kirchhoff type equations in R3
712014, J WeiConcentrating standing waves for the fractional nonlinear  Schr枚dinger equation
582013, J WuThe 2D MHD equations with horizontal dissipation and  horizontal magnetic diffusion
572015, P ZhangGloal small solutions of 2-D incompressile MHD system
552013XDFn,ASzuknMultiple solutions for a quasilinear Schr枚dinger equation
552013notfoundOn gloal regularity of 2D generalized magnetohydrodynamic  equations
552014notfoundGround state solutions for an indefinite Kirchhoff type prolem  with steep potential well
522014MWnkerGloal asymptotic staility of constant equiliria in a fully  paraolic chemotaxis system with strong logistic dampening
522014MWnOn some free oundary prolems of the prey鈥損redator model
512013notfoundGloal well-posedness for the 2D Boussinesq system with  anisotropic viscosity and without heat diffusion
462014LWn,CMu,PZhenOn a quasilinear paraolic鈥揺lliptic chemotaxis system with  logistic source
442013, MAS SoutoExistence of solutions for a class of nonlinear Schr枚dinger  equations with potential vanishing at infinity
442015MWnThe diffusive logistic equation with a free oundary and  sign-changing coefficient
442015notfoundOn axially symmetric incompressile magnetohydrodynamics in  three dimensions
422013, Y WangGloal strong solution to the 2D nonhomogeneous incompressile  MHD system
382014, Q ZhangExistence of entire solutions for a class of variale exponent  elliptic equations
112014notfoundThe contraction rate in Thompson's part metric of  order-preserving flows on a cone鈥揂pplication to generalized Riccati equations


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