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Bacterial Death专题征稿_国际期刊Antibiotics

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    国际期刊《Antibiotics 》(2019 Impact Factor 3.9 ,上升中)正在组织一期专题"Molecular Mechanisms of Stress-mediated Bacterial Death",旨在总结细菌细胞应激外界压力死亡的规律和机理,希望相关知识能够帮助到病原菌的临床治疗、抑制耐药性产生、保护有益肠道菌群、有益于利用与控制工业微生物和环境微生物。

    专题接收Research ArticleReview投稿截止日期为2021年9月30日

    有意向投稿的朋友可以先发200字左右英文摘要给Dr. Karl Drlica (喹诺酮领域著名专家;drlicaka@njms.rutgers.edu )进行意向询问,也可以将摘要发给本人(洪宇植,苏州大学,邮箱yzhong@suda.edu.cn)。我们对于符合专题的稿件,将发出正式邀请,正式邀请会帮助大家让编辑部豁免30%发表费用;特别优秀的3篇稿件将豁免全部费用

    有关专题的描述和投稿请见 https://www.mdpi.com/journal/antibiotics/special_issues/bacteria_death

以下为专题信息:Special Issue "Molecular Mechanisms of Stress-Mediated Bacterial Death"

Special Issue Information

Dear Colleagues,

Death is a central feature of microbial biology. Understanding and controlling microbial death are keys to antimicrobial effectiveness, limiting tolerance and persistence, and protecting gut microbiota during antimicrobial treatment. They are also important for the industrial production of toxic compounds by microbes. Lethal stressors have recently gained attention because of the possibility that they kill bacteria through a common mechanism, even though the classes differ with respect to primary targets.

This special issue of Antibiotics will focus on novel observations concerning a variety of topics related to stress-induced death. Suitable subjects include antimicrobial tolerance and persistence, the roles of metabolic changes and signaling pathways, the accumulation of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species, death during differentiation, and programmed cell death.

We invite the submission of both primary research reports and reviews of recent literature. All articles will be peer-reviewed.

Dr. Karl Drlica
Prof. Dr. Yuzhi Hong
Guest Editors


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