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(3)新方法机器学习力场,这个功能也是最值得期待的,(Machine Learned Force Fields),具体使用的方法是On-the-fly machine learning force field generation using Bayesian linear regression.细节信息可以阅读:新版本VASP6 --之机器学习

(4)电声耦合计算(Electron-phonon interactions)

(5)X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy (XANES)计算,目前支持Super-cell core-hole (SCH) method计算方法。

(6)constrained Random Phase Approximation(CRPA)

(7)支持OpenACC的GPU加速计算,可以使用Adaptively compressed exchange使得杂化泛函计算速度提高2-3倍


Features that are scheduled for release with VASP.6 include

  • Hybrid OpenMP and MPI paralellization

  • OpenACC to support GPUs

  • X-ray adsorption spectroscopy (XAS)

  • Time evolution code to quickly determine frequency dependent response functions for DFT

  • Adaptively compressed exchange (speeds up Davidson algorithm by factor 2-3 for hybrid functionals)

  • Cubic scaling RPA and GW, including forces for insulating systems (relaxation, MD and phonons are internally supported)

  • Finite temperature RPA

  • Constrained RPA to obtained screened U

  • Laplace transformed and stochastic MP2 (suitable for large systems)

  • Support for machine learning

  • HDF5 file support

  • Interpolated phonon dispersion relation (at arbitrary q-points)

  • Electron-phonon coupling using stochastic displacements of atoms (applicable to most observables)

  • Electron-phonon coupling using Wannier interpolation

  • Dielectric range-separated hybrid functionals in which the mixing parameters of Fock exchange are fully nonempirical and determined from the dielectric function

  • SCAN + rvv10 support

  • xclib support for gradient corrected functionals

  • Improved and unified error handling

  • Numerous bug fixes

现在VASP官网上已经可以下载新版本的VASP适用于有 VASP.6 license的持有者)!对于已经从VASP Software GmbH购买了VASP.6许可证的所有VASP用户,现在都可以下载VASP.6.1.0。

目前,持有VASP 5 license的六位学术用户的升级费用为1500欧元(扣除所有税费和附加费)。它要求VASP Software GmbH与被许可人之间签署新的许可协议。新的许可协议将取代维也纳大学与被许可人之间的许可协议。

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