[转载]whatever vs. however
2019-3-28 15:52
Very often we use 'however' more for it's used as a signal to the listener or reader than for it's actual meaning. It is used to connect two ideas which are opposing. A bit like the word 'but'. For example, Venice is a very beautiful tourist destination, however it is to ...
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2019-3-16 10:07
一、 SCANNER CHANGES MR scanners routinely undergo upgrades. These can be relatively minor (SW version) or major (hardware changes, e.g. head coil). In some cases, the scanner itself will be replaced at an ADNI site. We advise the following approach to the issue of scanner changes: Assume that ...
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[转载]ADNI3 Introduction
2019-3-14 14:56
ADNI3 begin in 2016. Between 1070-2000 participants will be enrolled: approximately 700-800 rollover participants from ADNI2 and 370-1200 newly enrolled subjects. Clinical, cognitive, imaging, biomarker and genetic characteristics will be assessed across three cohorts: Cognitively normal, MCI ...
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ADNI Introduction--Experimental conclusion
2019-3-14 10:49
Studies using ADNI cross-sectional and longitudinal data from multiple modalities have reported that: 面向ADNI 多模态的 横向与纵向数据的研究表明: AD pathology is already present in people with no outward sign of memory loss and these cognitively normal people may already have subtle brai ...
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2019-3-2 10:20
国内: 上交医学图像计算实验室(Medical Imaging Computing Lab) 2.浙江大学吴健Director of Real Doctor AI Research ...
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2019-3-2 10:14
一、国务院《新一代人工智能发展规划》2017 (6)智能医疗 人工智能的快速发展,为医疗健康领域向更高的智能化方向发展提供了非常有利的技术条件。近几年,智能医疗在辅助诊疗、疾病预测、医疗影像辅助诊断、药物开发等方面发挥重要作用。 ...
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2019-2-26 20:14
定风波.莫听穿林打叶声 北宋.苏东波 莫听穿林打叶声,复方吟啸且 ...
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热度 1 2019-2-23 12:16
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