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《Nano-Micro Letters 》(NML, Nano-Micro Lett.)是2009年底创刊的新期刊,为研究纳米微米尺度的科研工作者提供一个专业学术交流平台,致力于快速发表与纳米微米相关的科研进展和评论文章。目前,期刊为季刊,采取开放获取模式,即读者可以免费阅读和下载全文。


投稿方式:可通过在线投稿系统投稿(建议), 也可以用email投稿(。


Nano-Micro Letters is an online Open Access journal reporting on original researches concentrating on the latest advances in the science, engineering, technology and applications of nano and micro scale structures and systems, including experimental, theoretical and applied results on the physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and their expanding interfaces that have at least one dimension ranging from a few subnanometers to a few hundreds of micrometers.

Indexed by: SCI; Scopus; Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ); Google Scholar; Open J-Gate

Call for papers: NML invites original research papers that have not been published and not currently under review for publication elsewhere. Submit your paper through  online submissions  or email of and

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