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ABBS: Heavy ion beam on liver cancer 2019-06-17
Effects of 12C6+ heavy ion beam irradiation on the p53 signaling pathway in HepG2 liver cancer cells Kai Liu, Xinke Zhao, Jing Gu, Jianjun W ...
ABBS: ICT1 promotes gastric cancer 2019-06-10
Immature colon carcinoma transcript-1 promotes proliferation of gastric cancer cells Zishu Wang, Gongsheng Jin, Qiong Wu, Rui Wang, and Yumei ...
ABBS: Hypoxia affects HUVECs in bone engineering 2019-06-06
Endothelial cells modified by adenovirus vector containing nine copies hypoxia response elements and human vascular endothelial growth factor as th ...
ABBS: Circadian rhythm and digestive function 2019-06-04
An individual 12-h shift of the light–dark cycle alters the pancreatic and duodenal circadian rhythm and digestive function Liang Xu, Tao Wu, ...
ABBS: SLC39A7 (Zip7) in human colorectal cancer 2019-05-23
Knockdown of SLC39A7 inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in human colorectal cancer cells Nengquan Sheng, Li Yan, Weiqiang You, Gewen T ...
ABBS: D-amino acid substitution of antimicrobial peptide 2019-05-22
D-amino acid substitution enhances the stability of antimicrobial peptide polybia-CP Fengjing Jia, Jiayi Wang, Jinxiu Peng, Ping Zhao, Ziqing ...
ABBS: HMGB1 and Saquinavir protection on lung injury 2019-05-13
High-mobility group box 1 protein is involved in the protective effect of Saquinavir on ventilation-induced lung injury in mice Xin Wang, Renl ...
ABBS: Pyrvinium pamoate inhibits uveal melanoma 2019-04-29
Inhibitory effect of pyrvinium pamoate on uveal melanoma cells involves blocking of Wnt/β-catenin pathway Lei Zheng, Yizhi Liu, and Jingxuan ...


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