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Opportunity 机会 2016-12-03
Please visit CFD website “ ”to find out Job Record#13620 or visit “ ...
Main technology exhibitions of Q3drm1.0/2.0 Software 2015-11-16
Q3drm1.0 / 2.0 软件 的主要技术展示 1.       Map-Boundary Positioning After determining the required num ...
Main technology exhibitions of SPS-YC 2015-09-23
多尺度机动车辆尾气排放仿真软件的主要技术展示 In the face of such a situation that there is rampant traffic exhaust gas pollution in urban areas, ...
Customizing a Simulation Platform Software for Your City 2015-09-19
为您指定的城市定制机动车辆尾气排放仿真软件( SPS-YC ) Main Features of SPS-YC: * Versatile multi-line source Gaussian dispersion tool ...
What is SPS-YC ? 2015-09-19
什么是您所在城市的机动车辆尾气排放仿真软件( SPS-YC )? In order to understand and improve the air quality in a given city/region,the use ...
Uses description of simulation platform software 2015-09-19
机动车尾气排放仿真软件的用途描述 In order to understand and improve the air quality in a given city/region,the user can use the simulation ...
How to customize a simulation platform sofware for your city 2015-09-19
如何为您指定的城市定制一款机动车尾气排放仿真软件 ? Provide the digital map(s) of your city: In order to successfully customize a simulati ...
Advanced CFD Software for Quasi 3D Modeling: Q3drm1.0/2.0 2015-09-18
Advanced Quasi 3D Refined Flow and Transport Modeling in Natural and Artificial Waters - A professional CFD software using three/five dep ...


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