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Novel Mechanism to Efficiently Transport Real-time Traffic 2015-11-07
Abstract: A miing at the characteristics of the wireless cellular network and Internet the problem on the real􀀁time services was analyzed b ...
A Novel Network Selection Algorithm of Service-Based Dynamic 2015-11-07
Abstract In the future mobile systems, various wireless access technologies will exist simultaneously and constitute a complicated heterogeneous net ...
Fuzzy controlling window for elliptic curve cryptography i 2015-11-07
Abstract—Elliptic curve cryptosystem (ECC) has been becoming very popular in wireless sensor networks after proposed by Miller and Koblitz tha ...
The Application of an Improved Particle Swarm Optimization 2015-11-07
Abstract—With the development of network, users’ services put forward diverse demands on the network QoS (Quality of Service), the QoS routing is ...
The Research on Handoff Strategy in Beyond 3G Wireless Net 2015-11-07
Abstract: 􀀁 One of the major challenges for beyond third generation mobile systems is efficient mobility management. This p aper proposes ...
A fuzzy modeling based dynamic resource allocation strateg 2015-11-07
Abstract: One of the major challenges in service grid is to guarantee the promised quality of service (QoS) for all the admitted users or applicat ...
A novel application-oriented dynamic network selection in 2015-11-07
Abstract-The increasing demand for broadband wireless service in today's wireless communications, especially with WiMAX technology being one of ...
Spectrum-aware cluster-based routing protocol for multiple 2015-11-07
Cognitive radio network has received increasing attention in recent few years. A unique challenge for routing in cognitive radio networks is the c ...



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