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去年,美国农业部Rob Malone博士今天在地理资源所做了一个报告。这是他关于论文写作方面的建议,供参考。


Scientific Writing


" Carefully edit for acceptable English prior to journal submission

" Pay very careful attention to Abstract

–Rationale sentence or two (why do this research)

–Clear Objective

–Only most important Methods

–Only most important QUANTITATIVE Results that support Conclusions

–Clear Conclusion/Significance that is original and supported by Results

–Brevity is important; Try to maintain less than 300 words

" Introduction

–Why is this research necessary

–Related research (brief literature review)

–How is this research original from other research

–Identify knowledge gaps

–Objectives that address knowledge gaps

" Methods

" Quantitative Results that support Conclusions

–Limit data and figures to only important information

–Keep brief

" Do not include data that is not adequately discussed

" Do not include data that is not necessary to support conclusions

–Adequately discuss data

" How does it relate to other research (are results same or different and why)

" Do results confirm or refute results of other research and why

" Synthesize data from current manuscript and how it relates to other data

" Identify anomalies and errors in data and the thoughtfully discuss implications on conclusions

" Scope of the results and the limitations (will results apply to all of China or only irrigated corn production)

" Do results identify knowledge gaps that should be addressed by future research

" Do not make statements that are too broad and cannot be supported by results

" Conclusions

–Be clear; assure originality and importance is clear to reader

–Almost every project you conceive can be defended as original and important

–It is only a matter of clearly explaining why your research is original and important

–Do not be too broad (do results clearly support conclusions)




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