分享 [转载]Springer四月二十发布通知撤销一批论文,作者全部来自中国
2017-4-22 06:41
Retraction Note to multiple articles in Tumor Biology Authors Authors and affiliations Torgny Stigbrand Email author Torgny Stigbrand 1 Email author 1. Department of Immunology Umeå University Umeå Sweden Retraction Not ...
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分享 [转载]美国大学如何评价你的学术出版和影响的
2017-4-20 03:08
给个例子 University of Vermont心理学系的标准 Department of Psychological Science February 5, 2015 The Department of Psychological Science has long history of assessing departmentwide scholarly productivity and impact. Consistent with nationally accepted standards in STEM sciences, the Departm ...
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分享 [转载]美国西北地区最大的图书馆联盟共享图书馆管理集成系统询价书
热度 1 2017-4-14 03:22 为降低成本,越来越多的图书馆结成联盟(本文联盟主要指美国的图书馆联盟)以实现资源共同采购和 共享,还希望建立共享系统(shared ILS,SILS)来实现联盟成员统一的后台管理。只有共享同一个后台管 理系统,联盟成员才能在资源共享和技术处理上实现协同合作 ...
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分享 [转载]英文图书馆学科核心期刊
2017-4-13 07:06 Tier1:18 Titles (Nixon, 2012): 1.Adlib Proceedings 2.College Research Libraries 3.Collection Management 4.Government Information Quarterly 5.Information Technology and Libraries 6.The Journa ...
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分享 [转载]图书馆自动化2016国际调查报告展望
2017-4-6 07:25
全文: Selected Survey Findings: Top Performers by Marshall Breeding , January 25, 2017. Alma from Ex Libris led as the top performer among large and mid-sized academic libraries for overall functionality, effectiveness in man ...
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分享 [转载]迁移到Alma/Primo平台: 中央华盛顿大学的案例
2017-4-1 06:28
Migration to Alma/Primo: A Case Study of Central Washington University Abstract This paper describes how Central Washington University Libraries (CWUL) interacted and collaborated with the Orbis Cascade Alliance (OCA) Shared Integrated Library System’s (SILS) Implementation Team and Ex Libris ...
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分享 [转载]图书馆管理集成系统对学术图书馆岗位编制影响的比较分析
2017-4-1 06:21
A Comparative Analysis of the Effectof the Integrated Library System on Staffing Models in Academic Libraries Ping Fu and Moira Fitzgerald Ping Fu (, a LITA member, is Professor and Head of Technology Services in the Brooks Library, Central Washington University, Ellensburg, WA. ...
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分享 [转载]支持新一代图书馆管理集成系统:改变中的系统图书馆馆员的角色
2017-4-1 06:13
Abstract This paper compares current responsibilities of systems librarians supporting the traditional ILS with anticipated responsibilities associated with supporting the next-generation ILS and examines how the roles of systems librarians will change in migrating to the next generation ILS from t ...
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分享 [转载]机构库: 特性, 利益和软件平台选择
2017-4-1 06:08
摘 要: 立足机构库理论研究和应用发展现状,就机构库的定义、基本特性、发展现状、受益者和软件平台进行系统梳理,希望给国内同行和正在建设机构库的图书馆带来启发和参考。以美国中华盛顿大学图书馆机构库的建设为案例,加以具体说明。机构库不仅可集中管理一个机构的所有学术成果,并可免费开放获取,从而扩大机构和学者的 ...
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分享 [转载]新一代图书馆管理集成系统 Next generation ILS
2017-3-31 12:10
,新一代 ILS主要由Ex Libris、 Innovative Interfaces和OCLC 引领,对应旗下产品分别是Alma、Sierra和WMS。这 3个系统的共同特点是基于SOA体系结构的软件即服 务(Software-as-a-Service,SaaS)的云计算多租户软 件。Ex Libris推出Alma的目的很明显,即以全面统一 的云计算资源管理系统替代传统的纸质资源管理系 统、电 ...
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