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Nature Plants:苔藓中DNA损伤诱导已分化的细胞重编程形成干细胞
2020-8-19 18:46
DNA damage triggers reprogramming of differentiated cells into stem cells in Physcomitrella ...
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Current Biology:“心碎”蛋白HEARTBREAK通过翻译后修饰作用于荠属的心形果实形态建成
2020-8-18 10:54
HEARTBREAK Controls Post-translational Modification of INDEHISCENT to Regulate Fruit Morphology in Capsella ...
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Nature Communications:水稻精细胞中的DNA甲基化在生殖发育时的SAM中就已经开始
2020-8-17 12:06
DNA methylation is reconfigured at the onset of reproduction in rice shoot apical meristem ...
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Genome Biology:蜡梅基因组揭示特有香气的生物合成与冬季开花特性
2020-8-16 17:18
The chromosome-level wintersweet ( Chimonanthus praecox ) genome provides insights into floral scent biosynthesis and flowering in winter ...
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Developmental Cell:拟南芥体胚发生的染色质开放动态和层级转录调控网络
2020-8-15 08:56
Chromatin Accessibility Dynamics and a Hierarchical Transcriptional Regulatory Network Structure for Plant Somatic Embryogenesis ...
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Nature Communications:条斑紫菜基因组揭示潮间带环境下多种碳获取机制
2020-8-14 15:58
Pyropia yezoensis genome reveals diverse mechanisms of carbon acquisition in the intertidal environment ...
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Current Biology:地中海荚蒾金属蓝色光泽果实的着色基础
2020-8-13 09:05
Viburnum tinus Fruits Use Lipids to Produce Metallic Blue Structural Color 第一作者 : ...
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Nature Plants:高质量芸薹属植物黑芥基因组
2020-8-12 09:33
A high-contiguity Brassica nigra genome localizes active centromeres and defines the ancestral Brassica genome ...
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the plant journal:元宝枫基因组揭示神经酸的生物合成
2020-8-11 09:16
The Acer truncatum genome provides insights into the nervonic acid biosynthesis 第一作者 : ...
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Horticulture Research:甜樱桃高质量参考基因组
2020-8-10 15:04
Chromosome-scale genome assembly of sweet cherry ( Prunus avium L.) cv. Tieton obtained using long-read and Hi-C sequencing ...
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